A Polynaut Plays: Minecraft EP3! This time, Skellies!

Greetings Polynauts, and welcome to the first, official, Polygon exclusive "Polynauts Play" video!

This time around, it's just me, and I'll be playing some Minecraft, but in Hardcore mode! What is Hardcore mode you ask? Does it involve the mature games, and the Calls of Duty? No! The task is simply this: One life, no continues, all manliness.


I'm taking on suggestions for my task as well. It's all very well surviving, anyone can do that, but I need a challenge! Give me something reasonable to achieve, nothing buildy, perhaps something explorey.


Hey, look what I finally got round to continuing! A new Minecraft day, a new Minecraft quest, and some new Minecraft discoveries about zombies!


Erm. Oops. That could have gone better. Turns out skeletons can chase you up a hill.


So, now I'm down for the count, what should I try next? Should I start fresh? Pop into Vergecraft? Not suck? let me know :P

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