Welcome to the Polygon Community!

Hi there readers, and welcome to Polygon. Are we having fun yet?

Allow me to introduce myself. My names Shaun McIlroy, and I'm the "party boat" Captain of sorts here on Polygon. I bid you welcome to our community.

One community made of many voices, collectively known as the Polynauts.

For the past ten months the Polygon community, or Polynauts, have made a home for themselves on both the Polygon hub, and within the Gaming forum over on The Verge. During that time many friendships were formed, countless games of Halo Reach were played together, and a wealth of community focused content emerged.

You had the ''Anime, Cartoons, Comics!' thread where community members were able to talk about anime and comic books.

And you had Polygon Daily - the daily off topic thread.


Forums, forums, forums. Everywhere!

You might have noticed the forums are a little different from our old stomping grounds of The Verge, but that only enables you to find somewhere to talk about anything you want. From Windows gaming, to Wii U, or even Dishonored - there's a forum to dive in and start a conversation about it. There's a ton of conversation already happening, so what are you waiting for?

If you've got a question about Polygon, from a website related question or any problems then check out Meta. The Polygon/Vox Product design team are engaged in an AMAA over there right now, taking all your questions on how this place came to be. That's their public forum for community interaction and feedback, so be nice to them and bring them cake along with those questions. Recently we also had the Polygon Video Team, the same folks who made the Press Reset documentary, participate in their own AMAA as well.

For off-topic chatter, you've got an Off-Topic forum; and this is where your every day stuff like "I need a new washer-dryer, this one blows" will go. Every day we also have Polygon Daily (PD) offered to you, the community, as a daily starting point to not only catch up on yesterday's top stories and topics on Polygon, but for you to post your thoughts on anything from your most recent game related dream, to arranging an ad-hoc Gears session. Polygon Daily runs 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and we hope you'll join us for some daily discussion about anything you like, as long as it falls within the Polygon Community Guidelines.

It's pretty handy when you're at work, bored and just want to chat with likeminded people. Drop by sometime.

If you're looking to contribute a community feature of sorts however, like Polynauts Play, or features like "Why 'Pay to Win' Isn't the Biggest Problem with 'Free to Play'" - there's Polynauts.


What about 'Polynauts'? What goes in here?

Polynauts takes the best, regular topics from our time back on The Verge forums, and brings them back for a new generation of Polynauts here in the Polygon community. Got a long form topic to write about, one which doesn't fit the bill of any other forum? Fire it in here.

We've got 'Polynauts LIVE'; a livecast which airs on the last Sunday of every month in which the Polynauts crew talk about the biggest news from the past month from not only Polygon, but across the gaming community at large. We also invite listeners to call in via Skype, and join our discussion - or if you're too shy you can pepper us in the comments section below. The show kicks off at 8PM UK time, and if you're not able to make it we'll offer it as a download later in the week.

That's not even talking about the wealth of content that the Polygon community loves to produce, such as the Halogon initiative (Halo multiplayer nights), 'How To' guides, and other great content of that standard. It's not, by any means, an exclusive club either. It's a place for you to organise your regular topics, Polynaut community events and features for the rest of the community to enjoy. So if you've got something you want to write about that's game related? This is the place for you.

Anything else I should know?

Ultimately, there's more to Polygon than just the a vibrant, engaging community though. Theres great content from editorial such as features about composers, reviews on great (and not so great) games, news around the world, and a couple of podcasts starring the Polygon crew. Heck, you know about all that already. You've been following this joint, haven't you?

We also have a pretty amazing moderating team here on Polygon, so if you run into any problems across the site then drop the team a line at moderators@polygon.com, and they'll deal with it pronto. The best thing you can do to assist them in this is by flagging spam, inappropriate comments and trolls you might see. Don't feed the trolls, just flag them and leave the mods a message and they'll clean it up!

Finally, if you have any feedback you want to share with us you can do that directly at community(at)polygon.com and we'll always listen to what you have to say. I'm a nice guy, you're a nice person, and together we can talk about wonderful things. Drop me an email with any suggestions, feedback or whatever :)

With all that said and done, welcome to the Polygon community.

Welcome to the Polynauts.

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