Polynauts The Movie: Episode VI - Return of The Polynauts (Week 1)

Welcome one and all to the Polynauts all in one movie and TV thread. Come here weekly to catch up on all things that you are watching, what I'm watching, and baiscally what we as a community are watching. Also any update for news to whats going on in the world of film and TV.

So lets kick things off like we used to.

Shows of the Week

The Walking Dead

After the stumbles from season 2, season three got off to a amazing start. Now we are three episodes in and RICK GRIMES has become the character he needed to be last season. I know some thought that the removal of Frank Darabont might hurt the show. But I must say that was such a wise choice. The show is tighter, faster and more intense. than ever. Not only that but useless characters like Carl, and Laurie are, well less useless.


If you are not watching this show then you are missing out and I feel sorry for you. From the insanely addictive and thriller cat and mouse that was last season, this new season is packed with so may twist. Last season the cat and mouse chase between Carrie and Brody was good, it made the season, but by the end things where left in the air. So when this entire season has been set up to look like it will either be a rehash of last season. BOY WAS I WRONG. Four episodes in and the show has taken steps to insure you wont know what is coming next. It is a must watch.


My favorite comedy is back on TV. That is all you need to really know. So watch it and enjoy.


Series 4 starts next week on Hulu Plus, so I assume it's starting next week in the UK. I'm curious as to what will happen now. I want to avoid spoilers, but for those who have watched know what I mean. The absence of a few members will be interesting to see. I'm just hoping they can keep up with everything.

Movies Looking Forward To

Iron Man 3

It's finally here. Yes. Yes. Yes. This looks like it will be the most story character driven Iron Man since the first. But more importantly, this is the first step in Phase Two before we get Avengers 2


I like Hitchcock, I like Anthony Hopkins, this looks good...... Wait Hellen Mirren? SOLD.

Some News


Ming Na, from Stargate Universe is going to be in Joss Whedon's new show as a new agent.

If you are a fan Pulp Fiction, or Reservoir Dogs and was to young to catch them in theaters they will be back Dec 4, and the 6 one day only. This is to help celebrate Blu Ray set that is coming out. Check it out here

So since we are just now on the official Polygon website I will ask what other shows are you guys watching, what are you looking forward too?

Also I'm looking for short films to check out. If you know of any let me know in the comments.

Note try to keep Spoilers small if we are talking about shows currently airing with people behind.

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