Polynauts Central: Liberation! (Archived 25/10)


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Today is Thursday, October 25th and we're here at Polynauts Central on Polygon. What is Polynauts Central? Well, it's your place for off-topic discussion and brief update on the past day of events in the realm of Polygon.

It's finally happened, Polynauts! We've spread our wings and taken flight from The Verge's comfy couch (Thanks for having us guys!). Now we have laid claim to the beautiful realm of Polygon.

That said, Polynauts new and old: Welcome home.



1: "Press Reset: Episode Nine - #POLYSOON" by Polygon Staff

"When Justin McElroy and I first started thinking about Polygon over a year ago, we didn't have the site we launched today in mind. In fact, I think it would be fair to say that what we initially envisioned was far less ambitious. But something funny happens when you're surrounded by really talented people who see more in your idea than you see yourself.

The team at Vox Media, everyone from CEO Jim Bankoff to Chief Content Officer Marty Moe to The Verge's Joshua Topolsky, all saw a huge opportunity in gaming. And as we began hiring what would become the Polygon team, our original vision was augmented with their goals and ambitions. What we were left with was a massive project. One that, thankfully, our unflappable product team never backed down from. In fact, we took all of their goals and ambitions and, once again, the Polygon project grew."


2: "Welcome to Polygon! It's a website (finally)" by Christopher Grant

"Welcome to Polygon! While we've spent much of this year at theverge.com/gaming, thanks to the gracious hospitality of our colleagues at The Verge, it's all been in preparation for the move to our own domain.

Since February, we've been training our news team to be thorough, exhaustive, quick, and accurate. We've challenged ourselves to make the most beautiful reviews on the web and to rethink the value of a static score. And we've been producing beautiful, long-form features covering the world of video games, from the people who make games to the people who play them."


3: "Wasteland 2 developers will be working with molecular biologists to make the game's sci-fi world believable" by Tracey Lien

"Wasteland 2 developer inXile is collaborating with Montreal-based science consultancy firm, Thwacke, to make it's sci-fi world more believable.

Thwacke specializes in merging the world of science with games, focusing on areas like evolutionary biology, nuclear physics and medicine. Its CEO is a molecular biologist and one of its co-founders is a neuroscientist. With their backgrounds in science, the consultants at Thwacke are working with inXile to blur the line between reality and fiction, which Thwacke CEO Sebastian Alvarado says will "ultimately [impact] gameplay and narrative."


4: "Data entry, risk management and tacos: Inside Halo 4's playtest labs" by Matt Leone

"Before going home tonight, Eric Schuh will watch Halo 4's ending 16 times. It will be under less-than romantic circumstances, on blurry six-inch screens with no sound. The code won't be complete. He'll gloss over cutscenes. People will walk in front of him and talk in the background, surgically criticizing the smallest details.

He'll watch players guide series star Master Chief in his fight against new enemies the Promethians, never once touching a controller.

Schuh doesn't mind. He's done this before."


5: "Australian politician wants to reclassify at least 50 games that are currently rated MA15+" by Tracey Lien

"An Australian Member of Parliament in the state of New South Wales is pushing to have more than 50 video games that are currently rated MA15+ to be reclassified when the R18+ classification is introduced on Jan. 1, 2013.

Earlier in his speech to parliament, Donnelly argued that there is academic evidence "about the deleterious effects of violence and sexual imagery on children and young people", referring specifically to the impact of violent video games. He cited a number of journal articles like The Psychological Bulletin's "Violent Video Game Effects on Aggression, Empathy, and Prosocial Behavior in Eastern and Western Countries: A Meta-Analytical Review", saying that such articles "explain in significant detail the impact of the viewing of this material by children and young people."


1: "Introduce yourselves!" by Thabass


So...introduce yourself! We're like one big happy family or...something.

The name is Thabass, I'm a video game journalist (not for Polygon, hopefully soon!). I like long walks on the beach and women who aren't afraid to kick my butt in Halo!"

2: "How do you pick your username?" by Polygone

"How do you decide what to call call yourself when creating a new account on a website, gaming platform etc..."

3: "FIND ALL THE EASTER EGGS" by steve19137

"There have been one or two tweets from writers and developers about there being easter eggs on this site. I haven't started looking for them yet, but I wanted to start a thread where they can be easily compiled. If you find one, I'll update this post with credit and directions!"

4: "Gayming thread of pink polygons" by McDuck

"Thought it might be nice to start an off-topic thread for gaymers. We could talk about the representation of gay people in games, the latest news concerning gay rights, or whatever. So, who out there is a gaymer?"


We break into people's houses at night and wreck up the place.

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Okay, there we have another day's worth of Polynews. Remember to sound off in the comments below and share any awesome news you find today. As always check out the @Polygon feed on Twitter to keep up to date. There's also our own @Polynauts twitter feed for you to tweet us if you see something AMAZING that should be featured on tomorrows Polynauts Central.


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