Polynauts The Movie: Episode VII - Disney Wars (Week 2)

How it going guys? Have a good weekend? Good Monday? To my east coast folks did you brave the storm? Well good glad you made it here. Once again here is another week of out Movie/TV thread. The only other place you can come and talk about the things that are important to us that is not gaming. So lets get into it with some news.


DIsney acquires the Dark Side

Ok so by now we all know Disney has bought out Lucasfilm Ltd. Yup the house of mouse now houses the Skywalkers, clones, and Sith along with the mutants, spider-mens, and those Avengers guys. This could be good news or bad, but I like to think of it a great news. Not only that but this came totally from left field. This is good news for future Disney products as they now house both Industrial Light and Magic and Skywalker Sound. Not to mention Indiana Jones. All I'm saying is my mind is blown. Princess Leia is and official Disney Princess.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Welp it looks like Mathew Vaughn won't be directing the First Class sequel which is a shame really I was looking forward on this. But Bryan Singer will finally be back in the directing chair so no loss really. Link


Guess when he said "He'll be back" he really meant for everything. The original Conan is reprising his role once again for a straight sequel to Conan the Barbarian. Only the crappy Conan the Destroyer will not exist. Think of it the way Superman Returns left out Superman 3 & 4. Either way now that the former Governor is back to acting, it would seem that since the Terminator 5 is on hold being Conan is the next best thing. Also he has a book out which you should read.

Shows of the Week

The Walking Dead

After the last weeks episode this week was good for one thing, catch a breather. While the first three of the season were fast paced and full of action this episode was full of slow moving story progression. We finally got to see the Govenror, Merl is back in town and Andrea and Michone got to speak more than three words. I'm curious as to see what happens as the season continues. But I do know that The Governor does not any part of Rick MOTHAEFFING Grimes, and T-Dogg.


Yes it is back. Finally after a long wait and the exodus of 4 cast members Misfits is back on. While the new guys are so so, Rudy continues to be my second favorite. I do however wonder how long these guys can keep getting community service for the crimes and things they do. I guess UK laws are pretty lax. Regardless if you are not on par with this show you should be.


This weeks found footage episode was.... How can I put it. Different. The focus shifted from the boys to some kids and revolved around warewolves. But this found footage episode only proved one thing, Found Footage ideas suck. Well Supernatural did it in a way that it doesn't suck, but still I found the format a bit lame.

Also coming on tonight

Don't Trust the B**** in Apt 23

Happy Endings

Ben & Kate

Movies Previews

Bullet to the Head

Stallone can really do no wrong in my book. Not at this point. In an age when action movies try to be more than what they are, Stallone comes around with things like The Expendables and Bull to the Head to show you how a action movie should be done. PURE BALLS TO THE WALL ACTION.

Evil Dead

Oh look another remake. Wow it looks like they are going for the more realistic look and feel. But it's Evil Dead so there are no faults here.


Our good friend Lucky Lightford recently saw Cloud Atlas. He also wrote a review about it. You should read the full thing here. Here is a small taste of it.

"Everything is connected," is the heart of Cloud Atlas. That is part of the reasons to love this movie since everything is connected in some way or another. Not only does this movie show the beauty of cinematography, but the actors are what makes this move excel pass predecessors that include multiple timelines.

If you are going into this movie as bewilderment, that is great. This movie is not for everyone since it does jump around a lot and I should mention that it will set you back 3 hours. Those 3 wonderful hours were spent watching a beautifully made film with gorgeous environments, phenomenal acting, and enough to peak everyone's interest.

Finally if you have any reviews you want to be featured or posted let me know we can work on something. Other than that put them in the comments, or make a new thread. There are a ton of flicks out there to see and I have yet to see them all. So recommend some and I will try to do the same.

That's it for this week chaps.


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