A Polynaut Plays: Hard Truck Apocalypse!

So, some time ago, our pal Nuclear Prinny bought me one of the assorted indie bundles, I forget which one exactly. Contained in it were a couple of FPS games, some strategy looking thing, and this beast, Hard Truck Apocalypse. Let that title sink in. Feel its pure, petrol scented manliness.

I promised him I'd play it, and record the results, and though I may be late in my delivery, I have delivered nonetheless. With this punctuality, maybe it's a Royal Mail truck...

I hope you guys enjoyed this, because I honestly did too. Once you get past the whole "Fallout Truck" thing, it's kinda fun. I think I'm going back to this game soon, for more truckin' action!

Here's a question, based on some conversations I've had recently. How would you truckify a non-truck game? For example, the I've chatted about before was a stealth truck game, to which our own Chaos/Yoshi/Birdo reckoned would be a Transformers title, Shadow Of Cybertron. So how bout it Polynauts, pitch me some truck games!

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