Polynauts Central: Final Destination Hotdog (Archived 15/11)

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Today is Thursday, November 15th and we're here at Polynauts Central on Polygon. What is Polynauts Central? Well, it's your place for off-topic discussion and a brief update on the past day of events in the realm of Polygon -- Or your daily Polygon community thread!

Does GEICO cover these types of incidents?


1: "Press Reset: - Episode Twelve: 'Inquire Within'" by Polygon Staff

"A note from Polygon Publisher Marty Moe:

If there is a single most-important lesson that I've learned in over 10 years in the digital media business running and launching journalistic websites, it is the paramount importance of the editorial leadership team. Very simply put, if you do not have a great team — strong individuals who thrive on working and collaborating with other A-players to achieve a shared vision — you cannot have a great site or build a powerful brand. So when we decided about 18 months ago that we wanted to build the next great video games site, my partners Jim Bankoff (Vox Media CEO), Josh Topolsky (The Verge's Editor-in-Chief) and I were very clear that we would only pursue the project if we could put the right editorial team together. And all three of us were clear that that started with Chris Grant, longtime Editor-in-Chief of Joystiq, with whom Josh and I had worked extensively at Weblogs, Inc and Aol."


2: "How Wii U and Nintendo changed Tekken" by Ray Barnholt

"Katsuhiro Harada isn't ignorant, but he once shared a feeling normally associated with critical, cynical gamers: that Nintendo just wanted casual games on its systems.

Unlike many, he didn't mean it as a punchline, but rather as a guide for how to shape his next game. "We still weren't sure what the Nintendo audience was going to be like," he says, referring to when his team started work on Wii U. "At first, we were aiming towards a simplified version of Tekken — taking a lot of elements from the arcade version and streamlining them for a casual fan base."


3: "Taking the 3DS XL apart: A look inside Nintendo's handheld console" by Tracey Lien

"The Nintendo 3DS XL is a significant upgrade from the DS, offering larger screens, longer battery life and the ability to play games in 3D without the need for special glasses. In a feature posted by The New York Times, the 3DS XL is pulled apart layer by layer and all its components are explained.

The diagram constructed by the Times explains how the handheld console creates its 3D effect, pulls apart the console's main circuit board and shows how all the components come together to create a powerful handheld device."

4: "Grand Theft Auto 5's second trailer introduces the game's three protagonists" by Griffin McElroy

"Grand Theft Auto 5's anticipated second trailer is available for viewing this morning, more than one year after the first trailer for the open-world title was released.

The trailer focuses on the trio of protagonists revealed in last week's Game Informer cover article, which player's will be able to swap between during the game's story missions. That trio is comprised of Michael, a family man who lives in the post Vinewood hills; Franklin, a professional automotive repo man; and Trevor, who appears to be a complete and total psychopath. Players will have to utilize each character's strengths and abilities to execute intricate heists."


5: "Philanthropic gamer waiting in line for a Wii U to give away for charity" by Tracey Lien

"A Chicago gamer is waiting outside an FYE retailer to secure himself a Nintendo Wii U console when it releases this Sunday so that he can give it away in a raffle at a food drive to benefit the Chicago Food Depository.

The 27-year-old founder of "I Play Games", an organization that runs events for gamers, Kevin Fair told RedEye Chicago that he got the idea to wait in line from his friend in New York, who currently holds the Guinness World Record for being the first person in line to buy almost every Nintendo console."


1: "Welcome, 'Andrew @ GEICO" by Christopher Grant

"In my Welcome to Polygon post, I mentioned that GEICO – the car insurance company that makes all the funny commercials – would be sponsoring our forums. You've undoubtedly seen their ads on the site over the past few days, but it was important to GEICO to do more than just run advertising; they wanted to be part of the community."

Considering it's an open forum and anyone can create an account here, it was an easy ask. Lucky for GEICO, their social media slash community guy is an actual gamer who was already excited about Polygon. You'll recognize his handiwork if you remember this bit of wwebsite-related Reddit success late last year. He is not, it should be noted, the little British gecko, whose hands are far too small to manipulate traditional video game controllers."

2: "Should I get a 3DS or a Vita?" by SteveDaWonder

"This year on Black Friday both the 3DS and the Vita are separated by only a $50.00 difference. There are games for both sets of hardware that I am interested in playing. I already own an Xbox 360 and a PS3. No current plans to get a Wii U until we see the first Smash Bros. or Zelda title for that console."

I am really stuck. There are a lot of great reasons to own a 3DS, there are a lot of great reasons to own a Vita. I don't know which one to pick. I thought I would leave it to the Polynauts to help me decide which handheld console to get? Also, when you tell me which console to pick up let me know what games are your favorites for that system."

3: "CES or GDC Announcement of Next-Gen Xbox?" by Rustin

"Hey guys! So I was thinking about the announcement of the next-gen Xbox and many people think that E3 will be when they announce it. Do you think we will perhaps see it announced at like CES or GDC? I think an announcement at E3 is just too late if they plan on launching in the Fall of 2013. So any ways I want to know what you guys think, let me know!"



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Oh baby telephone, and tell I'm your own!

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