Good monitor for gaming.

I've been wanting to get a monitor for a while now so I can move my consoles back into my room. I just don't find it very enjoyable to play in the living room anymore... there's noise, constant interruptions, and the general feeling that I'm hogging the tv, which is why lately I've been spending most of my gaming time on the Vita and 3DS.

What I'm looking for is a 24"-30" display(in my case, smaller is better, as I find 24" to be just fine, and it would be cheaper :p), preferably with a native 1080p resolution so I don't have to deal with unnecessary up-scaling, and which has as little input lag as possible. This won't only serve as my console gaming screen, but I also plan to use it for PC gaming once I get my gaming rig sorted out, so the low input lag is probably the most crucial feature I'm looking for.

My question to you guys is if you have a suggestion for a particular model that you know is of good quality and has low, preferably negligible input lag. I've been searching around for a while now and I've found some likely candidates, but I figured I would ask here first since a bunch of you guys seem pretty knowledgeable in gaming hardware.

Any feedback appreciated!

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