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X-Buster beams galore? ≈


1: "TED talk reveals the ways fast-paced action games affect our brains" by Tracey Lien

"Playing fast-paced action games like shooters can have powerful and positive effects on the human brain, according to cognitive researcher Daphne Bavalier in a TED presentation.

In her talk, Bavalier presents data that suggests regular doses of action-packed gaming can have positive effects in areas where most people believe it would have a detrimental impact. One such example is eyesight. Studies conducted by Bavalier found that those who don't play games tend to have normal eyesight while those who spend five to fifteen hours per week gaming had better vision because they were able to resolve small details in the context of clutter."


2: "Final Fantasy 14 will remain subscription-based because of promises to players, says director" by Alexa Ray Corriea

"Square Enix is keeping the subscription-based model for upcoming MMO Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn because use of the model was an initial promise to players, and the company wants to prove it will keep all promises with the rebooted title, director Naoki Yoshida said in a recent interview with VG247.

Yoshida explained that when the original version of Final Fantasy 14 launched for PC in 2010, it did not live up to expectations. According to the director, Square Enix lost the trust of franchise fans, something the company hopes to regain with A Realm Reborn."


3: "Wii U user didn't access debug mode - it was a 'mock-up' says Nintendo" by Tracey Lien

"Nintendo issued a statement today to say that the supposed "debug mode" that a Wii U user managed to access on his console was in fact just a mock-up.

Yesterday a user on the forum NeoGaf, "Trike", posted photos to the forum showing that he had accidentally accessed what appeared to be a debug menu that allowed him to read admin messages and also regenerate passwords and delete admin accounts."


4: "Strike Suit Zero coming to PC on Jan. 24, mod tools will be released to public" by Alexa Ray Corriea

"Strike Suit Zero, the 90s-style space combat shooter that took to Kickstarter last month for funding, will release for PC on Jan. 24, developer Born Ready Games announced today.

The game closed out its campaign this weekend with $174,804, nearly $75,000 over its initial funding goal. Backers brought the project to its first stretch goal, the general public release of the game's XedMod modding tools. The campaign fell only a little more than $5,000 short of its second stretch goal — Strike Suit Zero ports for Mac and Linux systems."


5: "The company behind the Wii U's video conferencing tech wants to make it mainstream" by Tracey Lien

"Vidyo – the company that powers Google Hangouts and is also behind the video conferencing technology for the Wii U, Wii U Chat – has big plans for its tech, among which is bringing video conferencing into the living room.

The American company was revealed as the specialist behind the Wii U's video conferencing technology in a recent "Iwata Asks" Q&A and, speaking to VentureBeat, it recently talked about its ambitions for its technology."


1: "Nintendo, Multiplatform, 3rd Party's, PC Gaming and What Shall Not Return" by GunFlame

"The Wii U, a mixed reception. Most generally seem to like it, but are a little underwhelmed with some hardware elements. The touchscreen is so-so. A small amount of internal storage - regardless of the fact that any HDD can be used - is odd considering the supposed accessibility of the console. Not many will know or know how to use an external HDD. But perhaps you could argue they most likely wouldn't be indulging on digital copies of games, so it wouldn't be a problem. Fair enough argument. But still, it's not the best choice (could have done both; internal and external). The functionality of the controller bar the touchscreen seems to be pleasing most. And those who have delved into the online aspects seem pretty pleased with what Nintendo may come to offer through the service.

Overall, it's what was expected; detractors and supporters. Meeting standards and being below par. But any assessment is too soon, more time is needed, people will change their opinions and no doubt, we'll hear familiar complaints and comments about "no games" or "collecting dust". It is a console after all, and with competition, these two phrases are inevitable at some point."

2: "Games That Would Define This Generation." by PrinceLUDA21

"Lately there has been a lot of talk about games of the year. We have a Top ten/25 list, greatest games of all time, Games of the Year, and your favorite game of all time. There might even be worst games of the year list, all time, and your most hated game. But now that this generation is winding down I’m sure we will soon be talking about the best games of this generation. However what about the game/s that defined this generation? How about we talk about that.

The other day I was listening to IGN’s Game Scoop podcast, and someone wrote in asking what game or games they thought defined or would define this generation. Interesting right? The guys then brought up some interesting points. Things like, sales, parameter’s to judge such, do you count the PC, and mobile markets as they can run on different timetable. They also talked about past generations and the games that defined them. Games like GTA3, Halo, and Half-Life for the PS2/Xbox era. Super Mario 64, FFVII, Pokemon, during the 64/PS1 era and so on. I mean think about it. GTA3 was not the best Grand Theft (Vice City), but man was it not the most important that cycle. Mario 64 changed the game( pun not intended) and was the pinnacle for 3D games. Pac Man, Galaga, Frogger meant the 80's and the arcade. DOOM, Diablo, and Sim City? PC in the 90's. Now they never actually picked a game. Mostly talked about what you could say and this might be something we wont know until we are well into the next generation."

3: "Digital Distribution" by humantree

"I've still got a month to go before I get my Wii U, but I'm wondering those who have one already or are planning on getting one, is anyone leaning more towards getting their games digitally for the Wii U rather than buying the physical copies?"

Does anyone know how much space the games take up as downloads? I think I read that Nintendo Land is just over 3 GB. I know that the discs can go up to 25 GB, but I feel like the size is going to vary quite a bit between games."


Alright, FINE. You want the big guns? The words of the moment?

"Shut uuuuup! I'm getting well jell, it's totes emosh"

I feel dirty.

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