Polynauts Livecast: by Foxmcloud555 (Sunday 25th November) - Available for download now.


Today is the last Sunday of November, and that means it's live Community podcast time!

We'll be broadcasting live, discussing the WiiU launch, some of the months releases, and any other Polygon Community stuff we feel like talking about. If you have any suggestions for topics, chuck them down the bottom in the comments, and we shall be sure to take them into consideration!

This time we're trying a different format where instead of bringing more, and more, and even more people everyone on to the call we're going to have a solid team talking, reading your comments from below in this comment thread - and bring those discussions up throughout the show. We might open up calls later towards the end of the show, so get those Skype accounts ready by adding #Polynauts, grabbing a mic, headphones and some party food.

Your hosts for November will be myself Shaun McIlroy (or Mr. Irish), xMP44x (or Mr. Irish #2) and Foxmcloud555 (or "Dat Fox"). That's right, PaddyStardust is missing. If you see him, drop a line in the comments.

Reference times are London 7PM GMT, New York 2PM EST and San Francisco 11AM PST.

If you're wondering how you'll listen in, click through to Mixlr and kick back and enjoy the following discussions:

  • The WiiU launch
  • The months new releases - or Halo 4 and Halogon.
  • The next evolution of Polynauts Play!
  • We're taking questions, suggestions and more in the comments sections.

Again, this is going to be pretty raw and we reserve the right to forget about, gloss over, or flat out ignore some topics, but expect a cleaned up version for download next week, if you do miss the show.

Polygon Community Livecast - 90 minutes or less. Lets do this community!

*Updated - Available for download now*

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