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A 'Lego' adventure involving a blocky ring by PaddyStardust.

Welcome to Monday. Or, as I like to call it. Bleh.

Last night saw the first ever Foxcast Foxmcloud555 led Polynauts Livecast. Did you listen in? Did you enjoy it? What did you not enjoy about it? Why not inflate her ego and tell her (and Paul) all about it in the comments below.

What is Polynauts Central you ask? Well, it's your place for off-topic discussion and brief updates on the past day of events across the Polygon empire.


1: Shadowrun Returns launch pushed back to May, June 2013 by Emily Gera

During its initial Kickstarter funding the studio planned for a scheduled launch in Jan. 2013, with releases on PC, iOS and Android devices; However, following a highly successful campaign which saw a 470 percent increase on the studio's original $400,000 funding goal — jumping to nearly $1.9 million via Kickstarter and PayPal contributions — the project grew in scale.


2: Nintendo TVii launching in select parts of Europe in 2013 by Tracey Lien

It is not yet known which regions in Europe will receive access to Nintendo TVii, although Nintendo's UK territory may be among the first because it was the one to announce the expected arrival of the service.


3: Minecraft 1.5 Redstone Update for PC will make redstone more predictable, add daylight detector and improve minecarts by Tracey Lien

A new update for the PC version of Minecraft — version 1.5, also known as The Redstone Update — will change the way redstone behaves, add a daylight detector and improve the minecart, according to Mojang's studio lead Jens Bergensten.

Among the changes to be introduced in the update are:

  • Changes to the way redstone behaves by giving it a variable signal strength and adding a new capacitor block
  • Improvements to minecarts by adding special tracks to "unload freeloaders like pigs" and systems for filling and emptying chests
  • The addition of a daylight detector, fireworks for New Years Eve and Nether-based ore from which capacitors can be made.


4: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale lead designer Seth Killian discusses balancing the fighter by Dave Tach

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, the fighting game supersaturated with a large roster of PlayStation notables, presented the developers with challenges for balance, controls and character selection, the game's lead designer, Seth Killian, told Push Square.

Killian, who left his position at Capcom earlier this year to work with developer SuperBot Entertainment, arrived late in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale's development. His focus became "polish and some presentation," as well as "character details and balance."


5: GTA Radio app lets you listen to almost every station in the series by Emily Gera

A new Grand Theft Auto app for Android devices lets users listen to nearly every radio station made available throughout the long-running series.

Grand Theft Auto Radio features radio stations from the Grand Theft Auto 3, GTA Vice City, GTA Liberty City Stories, GTA Vice City Stories, GTA San Andreas and GTA 4. According to its product description, GTA Radio will play in the background while you use other apps. Missing radio stations from GTA 4 will be added to the app soon.


1: Polynauts Livecast: by Foxmcloud555 (Sunday 25th November) - Available for download now. by Polynauts

This time we're trying a different format where instead of bringing more, and more, and even more people everyone on to the call we're going to have a solid team talking, reading your comments from below in this comment thread - and bring those discussions up throughout the show. We might open up calls later towards the end of the show, so get those Skype accounts ready by adding #Polynauts, grabbing a mic, headphones and some party food. Your hosts for November will be xMP44x (or Mr. Irish #2) and Foxmcloud555 (or "Dat Fox"). That's right, PaddyStardust is missing, but I'll be the third man as it were, lurking behind Fox and Paul.

2: First 6 months of 2013.....So many games, So little time by paultheg33k

2012 was a good year for gaming, but the first half of 2013 could be incredible. I wanted to share the list of the games that are slated for release within the first six months of 2013. It is possible that all of these titles will be on shelves before what I expect to be an epic E3. What are you excited for in 2013?


Yousir, don't understand how Steam sale works. Your wallet opens, and all the money turns into games you'll never play..

PaddyStardust (11 Recommends)

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And thus we have another day's worth of Polynews. Remember to sound off in the comments below and share any awesome news you find today. As always check out the @Polygon feed on Twitter to keep up to date. There's also our own @Polynauts Twitter feed for you to tweet us if you see something AMAZING that should be featured on tomorrows Polynauts Central.


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....It's a Monday, don't expect anything witty today. It's a Monday....

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