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1: "Making Gangnam" by Russ Pitts

"You wouldn't know from looking at it that Harmonix is a game company.

From the outside of its squat brick and glass office building (one of two the company occupies in Cambridge's Central Square) only the painted "Harmonix" logo gives any indication as to what's inside. (The building's other occupant, Harvard University, doesn't even have a sign.) And even that is so small you might miss it.

Inside, it's pretty much the same. There's no fancy architecture, no foosball tables, no massive kitchens filled with free soda. No climbing walls or roller coasters. Only a long wall filled with trophies and console games gives any hint as to its business. Otherwise, it's cubicles, conference rooms and hallways filled with junk. It could be any office anywhere. One whole room, containing a suite of top-of-the-line motion capture technology, is practically walled off by a pile of discarded office chairs and computers and banks of dusty routers vying for floor space with pallets full of The Beatles: Rock Band, still in cardboard shipping boxes."


2: "Nintendo Wii Mini console coming Dec. 7, according to retailer leak" by Emily Gera

"The Nintendo Wii Mini, a miniaturized version of the Wii console, is confirmed to release Dec. 7 by Canadian retailer Best Buy.

But Far Cry 2 has left its mark on its successor as well. Many of the systems that came to define Far Cry 2 — the huge open world, the vibrant wildlife population, the random series of events that could collide in unpredictable ways and the stunning and dangerous brushfire element — have returned in Ubisoft Montreal’s new island adventure."


3: "Why publishers turned down Timesplitters 4" by Emily Gera

"Former Free Radical employees have revealed in the latest issue of GamesTM (via NintendoEverything) why publishers weren't interested in the development of TimeSplitters 4, suggesting the poor sales performance of Haze and issues marketing the title were at fault.

According to Steve Ellis, a former employee of the studio, TimeSplitters 4 was in "the very early stages of development" at the time of Free Radical's entry into administration. A "small playable demo" was shown to numerous publishers but failed to attract any publishing deal, says Ellis."


4: "Final Fantasy 14 failed because the only goal was to create a game 'different from FFXI,' says Yoshida" by Alexa Ray Corriea

"The original version of MMORPG Final Fantasy 14 failed to attract players because the team at Square Enix developed the game on the premise of making something completely unlike Final Fantasy 11, according to director Naoki Yoshida.

"Because they tried only to make something that was 'different from Final Fantasy 11,' they ended up with not much of anything," Yoshida said in a recent interview with Kotaku.


5: "Steam Guard to be required for trading beginning in Dec." by Dave Tach

"Steam Guard will be required for all trading done through Valve's Steam service beginning next month, as shown in a post on Reddit from user reireirei.

"Starting December 12th, Steam Trading will require that your account has had Steam Guard enabled for the last 15 days before you can trade items," reads a screenshot from Steam Trading linked on Reddit."


1: "Strategy guides - What's your take?" by Kinapuff

"Most major game releases today are accompanied with an official strategy guide. Whether they are actually necessary for each and every game is definitely debatable. Game guides have been around for quite some time, and they've evolved a whole lot in terms of presentation and production. Hell, there's even limited/collectors editions of guides these days. There's no doubt that there's a market for game guides, even though similar information can often be found online with a simple search.

So my question to you is: What's your take on strategy guides?"

2: "Been away from Nintendo gaming in a while, looking for Wii games to get me back into it" by Farron

"Before this generation of consoles I primarily a Nintendo gamer. I had a Dreamcast and I had a PS2 but Nintendo was always the first on the list for and this lasted until a little while after the Wii launched. I've picked up a PS3 and Xbox 360 since then and I haven't really looked back. I've come back for Mario Kart, Smash Bros. and Mario Galaxy but aside from that the Wii and Nintendo in general has been ignored. New and exciting games were popping up on the other 2 platforms.

The graphics, scale and types of games were appearing on the PS3 and Xbox 360 that the Wii is simply incapable of handling and the online functionality and media features they offered made me not want to look back. The Xbox 360 in particular I loved because I can chat to friends across different games, invites make playing together really easy and if I'm not in the gaming mood, I can just watch something or listen to music. Having all of that to use at will on the same console enhanced the experience for me meaning if I'm playing on the Wii which at the time of writing is sitting in a cupboard, I missed having those features."

3: "What do you guys think of Eidos under Square Enix?" by The_Icon

"I am not into JRPGs, so Square Enix games were never an interest to me. When I heard that Enix took over Eidos, I was really sad as Eidos used to make great games and I was worried they would bring their own touch ups to Eidos games and mess everything up; but boy I was wrong. Looking back at Deus Ex and now Hitman as perfect example (even sleeping dogs ,even though I haven't played that game yet), Eidos is better than ever. Here is hoping the Luminous engine Enix developed will be used in Eidos games as well."


what happened at Gamestop stays at Gamestop

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