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Howdy friends! Another week, another weekend, another chance to sit here and talk garbage about videogames! I won't be around much today, as it's the missus' birthday, so we're off to see Silent Hill 3D. I have low expectations, and she likes these movies, so at least we're not going to be disappointed. I'm PaddyStardust, and you lot should TALK NOW.

Here are some Community focused regular topics.


1: Cooperatives, Episode 5: #SANDY by Chris Plante

In this week's special episode of Cooperatives, we recall the game's that helped pass the storm. Our iPhones and Vitas were put to good use, and I squeezed a good thirty-minutes out of a Game Gear before its batteries gave up the ghost. And when all the power was gone, we turned to the most terrifying of games — games of the mind!


2: GOG weekend sale discounts entire catalog of EA games by Dave Tach

The sale includes titles like Sim City 2000 Special Edition, as well as several Populous, Wing Commander and Ultima games. Each is available DRM-free for $2.39, or you can grab the entire selection of 26 games for $62.14, a savings of $93.60. You can check out the selection of games, and find out which are compatible with Windows and Mac, at GOG's Massive EA Selection weekend promotion page.


3: Over half of Massachusetts video game sector is working on mobile titles by Alexa Ray Corriea

"Every gaming entity is looking at mobile and saying, ‘This is where the growth is, and this is where we have to go to engage with a much larger ­audience, so how do we solve this problem?'" said vice president of business development at Disruptor Beam Inc. Hank Howie.


4: Dust 514’s closed beta continues until 2013 by Megan Farokhmanesh

"Things are going well," David Reid, a CCP Games executive told Eurogamer. "We'll be in closed beta through the end of 2012, but it won't take much longer. With a bet this big you want to get things right."


5: Punch Quest Tips: Yes, you can do more than just punch stuff by Russ Frushtick

True, the basics of Punch Quest, the free-to-play iOS game, aren't super complicated, but once you go a bit deeper, there's a lot of strategy. What load outs should you pick? How do you uppercut a ghost squid without being hurt? Which hat looks the super coolest? These are questions that demand answers!


1: November - What gaming highlights are you looking forward to this month?! by igwarrender

"It's November the 1st the last month before the Christmas rush of games. What releases are you looking forward to in November? What games can't you put down from previous months and will still be playing? As the month continues come back here and let us know your gaming highlights of the month."

2: JRPG! I Choose You! by GunFlame

"Somewhat ironically, I don't choose Pokemon. I've never played a game in the series. The closest I came was when I almost picked up a version of Pokemon Ruby when I was in an electronics store. It wasn't a game store, (Comet in the UK... a store that is currently failing...) but one that had bits and bobs. Mostly the games there sucked. But anyway, I never picked it up. Story over."

3: DmC: Excited? Nervous? Will this game rock or roll (off a cliff)? by ShaunMcIlroy

"So yeah, I'm excited for more Devil May Cry DmC - which I always read as DeLorean Motor Company - but I'm not 100% sold on the reinvention of the series. I don't know, maybe I'm resistent to change but I've overcome those issues in the past with other franchises (Star Trek) which turned out to be enjoyable in their own way."

4: AC3 is a silly game. This is why. (VIDEO, YO!) by PaddyStardust

"Howdy doody! As I've been playing Assassins Creed 3, I've noticed that I'm playing it a bit different to how the game wants me to play it. Watch this, all will become clear!"


That happend to my cousin. So here is a funny story.

When the Wii came out I bought one and my friend did also. I took my over to families houses to play Wii Sports. My friend's daughter who was 5 at the time, was a smart girl. She was also a smart ass, thanks to me. Most kids are, but she was always on point with her sarcasm. She made grown men cry. Any way she was a pro at Wii Sports and Wii bowling. Some time around Chirstmas me and my Cousin are over there chilling, and she comes up and say's "hey you ever play Wii bowling?" "The Wii is hot, and I'm a beast at Wii Bowling". He says, "Yea I played it before I'm pretty good too." To which she replies "You can't see me sucka", and picks up the controllers and turns on the game. Now He's 13 and she is 5, they play for a bit going back and forth, and she is crushing him. Toward the end of the game on his turn, he goes to bowl but swings to hard and the controller flies out his hand. She looks at him with that "are you serious" look then at the wall where the controller is and ways for him to kneel down, and I kid you not this happens, she in a low voice says to him "See that's what the strap is for" and points the wrist strap that is around her wrist.

I was done after that. True Story.

PrinceLUDA21 (3 Recommends) and an awesome five year old.

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