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Its Polynauts Central on a Sunday again! Smashing!

Remember last week, when we asked for spookifying games, which are considered non-spooky? Our very own Gigawings went above and beyond. Todays Polynauts Central is going to be a bit different, so grab a drink, sit back, and enjoy.



"So this is it huh?"

James stared at the vast emptiness of space. His hand twiddling on the armrest of his cockpit seat. As a scientist and an astronaut he's the only one sent by the Earth Space Commonwealth to investigate an anomaly on the nearby star system. The report indicate that there's a strange burst of energy that looks like the death of a star and yet there's no black hole created. So he was the lucky one assigned to investigate it. Well, maybe Lucky isn't the right word. He knew it was Erick's doing, his "rival" for Jenny's heart who want to get rid of him for a couple months/years while Erick try to win her heart. Maybe a kiss and a couple of sweet words before the launch can't keep her from deciding that waiting for him is not worth it. But he try to be more optimistic.

Back to the present time.

James never assigned for this kind of long journey before. For him a space journey will be filled with passing stars on the cockpit view while his ship move almost near the speed of light. But the vast blackness of space bore him. His high expectation for an exciting and interesting journey evaporated. Even with speed close to the speed of light the ship will took 3 months to reach its destination.

Week 1

Already finished a couple books, Sometimes HQ established contact and the ground control cheerily love to talk about what's new on earth during my leave. Also I talked with Jenny when she visit the HQ.

Week 2

My best friend Lyle contacted me. He's part of the space cosmonaut program but he prefer to stay on the ground more. He also concerned about me and Jenny. He told me that he saw Jenny with Erick on a mall. I dismiss that, it's probably nothing. I know that I lied to myself, but getting anxieties this early on a long space trip? I try to avoid that.

Also the system need a restart. The flight control was temporarily moved to the backup computer.

Week 3

The ship passed a gas cloud. Communication was severed for the rest of the week.

The gas damaged several parts of outer shield. I will deploy crawlers to fix them after we passed the gas cloud.

Week 4


We passed the gas cloud in the third day in the fourth week Establishing contact with HQ for routine and damage reports.

Lyle contacted me, he dragged Jenny to the communicator but she's quite reluctant to say much. Also Lyle seems like in a sour mood. I finished my conversation with Jenny with the words "I love you" as I hanging on a thread of optimism that those words still have some values for her.

Gas cloud cleared and I turned on the energy shield and deployed crawlers to mend the outer shells.

Week 5

It's already a month? I thought time will go slowly in this solo journey. Sure the past few weeks was not the best weeks of my life. Here I am trapped in a metal contraption for a half to a year mission and it seems like the earth changed faster when I was on the leave.

Ground control contacted me, they also brought Dr. Michael Sturgess for mental examination. He noticed my less than stellar condition and question my mental situation. I try to avoid the topic but he seems unsatisfied. 3 days later he came back to the ground control and contacted me in private with Colonel Barley's permission. I decided to tell him anything. After I finished with my story he decided that my mental state is still quite stable but suggested for a couple therapy seasons for the next couple weeks. I was quite reluctant but Dr. Michael ensure me that it won't disturb my mission as long I can control myself.

Week 6

It's almost an uneventful week until the 6th day when Jenny contacted me. She said that she need to rethink about our relationship. She left afterward. I was stunned, expecting dry and gloomy days ahead. But I was surprised when I was swamped with encouraging words from the ground control folks who overheard our conversation. I must admit the ground control folks are maybe the kindest people I ever talk to. Maybe I can find the silver lining in this situation of mine.

Week 7


Lyle contacted me during ground control off hours. He already heard about last week ordeal and he offered to drink in my behalf as I'm not allowed to drink any alcohol during my mission. It was a small quite party between me, Lyle and several off duty ground control crew.

Dr Michael also contacted me, asking about my condition. I told him what happened last week. He was worried about my mental condition but I can ensure him that I can cope.

I hope.

Week 8

I decided to fill my time to read more. Good thing the ship manufacturer uploaded hundreds and thousands of books data to the ship. I also received several routine contacts from the ground crew and Lyle. He took some silly initiative to introduce me to a test pilot named Captain Tessa.

I woke up on the fifth day after I dreamed.... or maybe hearing someone singing a song. A simple yet catchy song. I dismiss it as just another vivid dream.

Week 9

The third month of my journey is finally here. Nothing special except for me finishing more books. Also Lyle merrily told me about how he hooked up with a janitor girl. Also my mother contacted me on the 4th day when she came to my apartment only to notice that Jenny's belongings are no longer there. She realize what had happened and asked Colonel Barley to give her a permission to contact me. I assure her that I will be alright.

Also my dream of hearing a sound of a man singing a catchy tune is getting more frequent. I try to dismiss it but the tune stuck in my head. I start humming the song a couple times unconsciously.

Week 10 Day 4

The song... the song keep coming back to my head. I try to suppress it but it's futile. Am I going crazy? Am I really this broken after I lost Jenny? I try to keep a straight face when I was communicating with people who contacted me. I feel miserable, but I still want to finish this mission rather then flying back home and branded crazy by my friends and superiors. I must endure. It will be another 2 weeks and 3 days before I reach my destination.

Week 11 Day 1


It stopped. My ship stopped dead. I don't know if this is just my imagination went crazy or I notice that all the indicators on board show that the ship stopped completely like there's an invisible hand holding it. I try to send mechanic bots and crawlers out to check for any anomaly outside. But the reports returned normal. Also the song keep ringing in my ears. Then suddenly I can hear a sound telling me to get out of the ship. I resist it and try to contact ground control. But I can't establish the communication line. I decided to swallow a couple of sleeping pills and went to sleep.

Week 11 Day 2

I woke up standing up in the cockpit area. I was surprised as I never have any sleep walking problem. But here I am standing in the middle of my cockpit room like a scared little kid. I tried to check my ship conditions and it still the same like yesterday. This ship doesn't even drifted around. It still the same coordinate and the ships is in normal condition. The propulsion engine denied my order to start.

Then the voice came back. It told me to step out from the ship. I try to deny it but it keep repeating the order again and again. For hours I was sitting miserably in the bedroom. I tried to contact the ground control again but the communication is still dead. I tried to go back to sleep but I can't find my sleeping pills. I try to force myself to sleep but failed to do so.

Week 11 Day 3 3:35 AM Earth GMT time.


I can't take it anymore. The voice never cease to stop. I feel defeated. I stand up and run to the cockpit area and screamed


It was dead silent for a couple seconds. I realize the voice will return if I don't do what this thing ordered me to. So I reluctantly went into the adapter suit room. I still thinking that this is suicidal.

Going out to the void without knowing what or who waiting for me out there. So I packed a high energy blaster on my leg holster expecting for the worse. After the pressure chamber finished depressurizing I took a deep breath and pushed the button to open the outer door. I float out to the void with my right hand ready near the holster.

Then I saw it.


I don't know how to describe it, my ship sensors and robots don't notice this.... thing? Creature? Something else? But what I saw is very difficult or even impossible to describe with logic. What I noticed is that it was huge.... titanic in size. The most prominent thing I notice is a cylinder shaped.... organ? I try to gather my words trying to understand it. When suddenly it spoke. It spoke so magnificently. It spoke to me about the truth of the universe. I tried to swallow all the knowledge he gave to me but I can feel my weak mind will shatter trying to rationalize them. It order me to open my helmet. I don't know why but I did open my helmet. I was surprised that I can actually breath. I can smell the wonderful spring smell and the perfume of spring flowers of my childhood town. I remembered my happy childhood moments when dad is still alive and Grandma singing old lullabies to me. I remembered when I saw golden sun rising from the bluish green sea. I remembered the soft spring rain falling to my little forehead while I run around playing in the rain and my mother trying to catch me and drag me back in. My tears fell from my eyes and a smile plastered on my face. Then the being spoke.

"I will grant you a wish, a last wish. No need to hurry. I will be here."

So there I am, standing in the void of space, I remember many things and I realize that my life is actually pretty normal. Problems may come and gone but I feel like I won't have regret if my life ended now. But I already know the truth about this universe. So I know my time is short. At least there's one thing I need to do before the end.

I opened my mouth and a trail of sentences coming out from my mouth. The being smiled and with a simple hand wave granted me my wish. I closed my eyes as the spring wind getting stronger and stronger. Then the wind suddenly stopped. I opened my eyes and I saw that I was standing in the middle of the street in my town. I noticed I already in my everyday clothing. I heard a rumbling sound from the distance but I knew what it was. I looked around and noticed that I was standing outside the apartment building where Erick live. I came into the building and went to Erick's apartment. I knocked on his door a couple of times until I can hear his voice answered my knockings and opened his chained door. When he saw me his face turned pale. Before he can say anything I kicked his door open and land a blow after blow at his despicable face. I don't know how long I did that but when I finished I saw him trembling in the fetal position on the floor. I saw Jenny standing on the door pale and scared. I smiled at her and greet her

"Hi Jenny, I just came here to finish some unfinished business. Oh by the way you looks great!"

Then I leave the apartment building and back to the street. I can hear the rumbling sound getting louder and louder. I knew the end is near. But it's not a bad one. I saw that thing coming closer and closer at me and things around me. I smiled and remember the catchy tune that keep playing in my head. I took a deep breath and merrily sang the song loudly



Thanks again to our boy Gigawings for turning Katamari Damacy into a pyschological space horror! One more thing, this bizarre entry, from Majornougat.

Uncharted 3: Drakes Skeleton


I think the spookiest thing to do to a game to spookify it would be to put skeletons in Uncharted so it would be like a scary movie and maybe call it Uncharted 3: Drake's Skeleton because you dont want to give too much away by the title but at the same time you want people to know what to expect.

thank you kind sirs and madams

  • Scary stuff eh? Thanks for your entries, a new topic next week!


The inking looks Amano-ish, but the face looks Nomura-ish. What sorcery is this?

Revolurt (3 Recommends) and some sorcery

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