Polynauts The Movie: Episode 8 - I am Bad, and That's Good (Week 3)

New week, new shows, new movies and more news. This is your place to come and chat up your movies, shows, and all that jazz. So with out further delay.


Girl Meet's World

It would appear that Disney wants to revise Boy Meet's World. But with a spin off show sequel. One that follows Cory and Topanga's daughter. I am unsure How to take this or how I would feel about it. I loved Boy Meets World and if this is to come to light and former cast members make a return then I'm happy. Source

Sam Mendes - Vampire Hunter TV Show

Do you like Vampier's? Do you like movies directed by Sam Mendes? Did you happen to see Skyfall? Well if you answered yes to all three, then you would be happy to know Sam Mendes and John Logan are working on a Vampire Hunter TV show. Source

Shows of the (last) Week

Walking Dead

Dear TV Gods, I want to thank you for bring on a new show runner for this show, you have made me a happy watcher.

Last nights episode was needless to say, epic. A lost of things went down in the prison some things that will and should change the course of the charters and the show. Which is good. With out giving any spoilers away, I will say that like in the comics, everyone is now expendable. There is no safe haven in the Zombie apocalypse. Which is why I think this show works so well. It is about survival at it's core, yet our heroes feel like they can have a peaceful life and still live that dream. But those days are over. There is and never will be a happy ending.

Boardwalk Empire

This was a rather dull episode. But not dull in the way you would think. There has been a lot of build up between episodes and in the back ground. As I told someone before this show is a slow burn. With so many gears moving it sometimes takes time for things to get in motion. While there are some parts that just need to be replaced (Margaret Thompson). But dull episodes in Boardwalk always leads to either a new direction, and a full explosion of awesomeness.


First dates are supposed to be awesome right? But would you bring a third person on a first date? What about a life coach? Well that's what Dallas did when she and Gorge went on their first date. It's good that they both finally go together but it seems they both see things in a different light. As Dallas always seems to do it a bit overboard. That is what make it comedy gold.


Side Effect

Escape From Planet Earth

A Haunted House


Wreck It Ralph


Our own Breadknight from Crisis on Infinite Polygons, saw Wreck it Ralph over the weekend, and put up a review. You should check it out. Yes I mean his review and the movie. I saw and I know a few other saw it. And boy was it full of awesome. Not as funny as you might think, but it's as Breadknight put it, a video game movie that get's video games. Here's a taste.

Wreck-It-Ralph is doing it's absolute hardest to change this. Not only does this movie tell a genuinely good story but the amount of gamer in jokes and cameos(Including one....weird one) is staggering. It's also a pretty good look at the change that games have undergone in the last 30 years.

While older game movies would simply attempt to adapt thin stories into something that could be told in two hours, stretching thin plots, characters and action. Ralph instead tells it's own tale, a dejected classic game villain wishes to be accepted among the "good guys" after a comment from one of the npc's in his game he believes the only way to do this is to win a medal. To do this he leaves his own game and heads for something....a bit more modern.

Finally I have a Pixar short film for you all to enjoy. Something I hope will brighten up your monday and set a ton for the rest of the week. Enjoy see you next week guys.

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