Polynauts Central: N7 Day (Archived 7/11)

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Today is Wednesday, November 7th and we're here at Polynauts Central on Polygon. What is Polynauts Central? Well, it's your place for off-topic discussion and brief update on the past day of events in the realm of Polygon -- Or your daily Polygon community thread!

Today is N7 day, commemorating the 5 year anniversary of the Mass Effect series. Bioware's been hinting at events and in game goodies, so keep a lookout, Polynauts!



1: "Paper Mario: Sticker Star review: Stuck to you" by Phillip Kollar

"Paper Mario: Sticker Star is the first game in the series with play that's as distinct as its papercraft appearance.

The Paper Mario series has benefited from its unique visual style and clever writing, but it's always fallen back on relatively safe gameplay. The turn-based battles of the first two games were fast-paced, but the mechanics weren't a huge stretch from any other Japanese RPG. And 2007's Super Paper Mario was, for all intents and purposes, a straight-up platformer — albeit a platformer with some surprising gimmicks."


2: "Silent Hill: Revelation 3D director says he considered 'UFO ending' gag for movie" by Michael McWhertor

"The director of Silent Hill: Revelation 3D says he considered filming alternate endings for the film in the vein of the video game series' bizarre "UFO Ending" and "Dog Ending," long-running gags that contrast with Silent Hill's dark subject matter, but chose to spend his budget elsewhere.

In an interview with VentureBeat, Michael J. Bassett says that while those gag endings didn't make the theatrical cut, they may still find a way to reach Silent Hill fans."


3: "Defiance: Behind the scenes" by Russ Pitts

"There's a half-broken tent fluttering in the wind. Beside it lie the remains of a plastic baby doll and a pile of detritus I can barely identify. In every direction, all I can see are broken things, discarded things. Dirt and despair. Walls made of cargo containers stacked two high are funneling the stiff October breeze through this broken landscape of clutter and depsair and I can't help thinking how much it resembles every disaster refugee camp I've ever seen.

Except this is no camp — it's a television set."


4: "TERA's Discovery Edition expands trial's level cap and removes time restriction" by Dave Tach

"Publisher En Masse Entertainment has unveiled TERA's Discovery Edition, which lifts the previous seven day play limit and includes a higher level cap than the previous trial version for those trying out developer Bluehole Studio's massively multiplayer online role-playing game, according the game's support site.

"The Discovery Edition is the new free trial available for players interested in giving TERA a try," the Discovery Edition's support page reads. "We have improved our previous free trial by increasing the max level players can play up to, as well as removing the 7 day restriction so you can play on your own time and not worry about using up the free trial time!"

5: "Square Enix to publish one of the first games to be approved on Steam Greenlight" by Tracey Lien

"Square Enix has picked up one of the first games to be approved on Steam Greenlight and is bringing the game to Windows, iOS and Android devices, the company announced today.

Developed by Danish studio Reto-Moto, Heroes and Generals was one of the first 10 games to get onto Steam via Steam Greenlight. The first-person shooter strategy game based on World War II allows players to either assume the role of the Hero or the General: in the former players can fight on the frontline on-foot and control a variety of vehicles like tanks and warplanes. In the latter they can employ strategy to place troops and combat resources where they are most needed to outwit the opponent."


1: "Should Genre Expectation Be Taken Into Consideration? (Resident Evil)" by Pojodin

"Looking back at Resident Evil 6, there were several reviews that portrayed the game negatively for not meeting a genre expectation. It was noted that it is no longer a survival horror game, but an action game that may include some horror and/or terror elements. This could be a good or bad thing depending on a person’s expectations. Were these changes desired or necessary? What has the series gained by making these changes, and what has the series lost in the process?"

2: "Curiosity, Benevolence and Selfishness" by PaddyStardust

So, I was reading this little piece earlier about Curiosity, Peter Molyneuxs new jam. For those unaware, the players all contribute to chipping away at a cube, to find something inside. Currently, no-one knows what the something is, but Molyneux is saying it might change the world. Silly statement aside, it's a pretty cool idea.

What I didn't realise before now, is that only one person will see the contents of the cube. Just one. This got me to thinking about what I would do if I won. Would I post it up online in full, guaranteeing myself Internet fame? Would I keep quiet, a secret only I would be party too? Would I tease it, but not reveal it, giving the world hints but not the full picture? I'm racking my brains over it, and I can't decide what I would do. So I put this to you:

If you were the sole winner of Curiosity, would you share the contents of the Cube with the world?

3: "Games or Story? Which Should Come First in the Game Design Process?" by DocSeuss

"I'm working on several new posts. One of them discusses the language of game design; I'm interested, however, in seeing what you guys think. Your answers will help me with this new post."

• When making a video game, what should developers focus on, Game or story?

• Why do you feel that way?

4: "Should reviews shy away from a numerical score?" by schmete

"Review scores have, and continue to be, a highly controversial and debated topic among the gaming community. You've all seen the backlash over a low score, with communities accusing reviewers of being a hater after giving a "poor" score of a 6.5. Much of the problem with review scores is that they don't actually communicate anything in particular; it is an arbitrary number that falls on a scale, which differs from publication to publication. A 5/10 at one publication may be a neutral stance - not good, not bad. A 5/10 at another publication might mean a failing grade.

So, why is it that publications have stuck to numbers, when it is just as easy to have a scale of words, which communicate so much more? Would it not be more beneficial to readers to have a scale that literally says whether a game is Recommended or Not Recommended? A Must Buy or a Must Avoid? It doesn't have to be binary, either. You can have a lengthier scale of Bad, Poor, Neutral, Good, Great. Many times you'll hear a reviewer countering a comment like, "X game is really good, so why did you only give it a 7?" with, "A 7 is good." So, why not just say the game is good?Why create a number that is supposed to represent "good," instead of just saying "good?"


Why are there so many ponies?


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