Your Nostalgic Game

What's your most nostalgic game.

The one that brings back the most memories of your youth, the one game you love even if it might be horrible by today's standards. That game which you can play a million times and never get sick of it because it makes you feel like a kid again. That game that just makes you feel just all around gooey inside?

For me it's Legend of Zelda: A Link to the past.



Everytime I think about it a whole bunch of images from my life come flashing to my mind, from when I first remember experiencing it in my uncles room in Mexico, playing it one Christmas eve because I needed to take my mind off of the excitement that was to come, to just hanging out with friends in high school and playing the Four swords adventure add on for the GBA version.

I'm almost guaranteed to feel good after thinking about this title.

What game gets you on an emotional high?

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