Polygon do video reviews?

I like reading reviews just as much as everyone else does. They provide information and opinions on certain situations of the game. Of course comes the overall rating of the game in the review, which alone is explanatory. Just recently though, I found myself wanting to read a review, except I was sort of in a rush to leave somewhere, but wanted a quick opinion, and I regretted not reading the whole review. I'm just sort of wondering if it would be possible if Polygon were to start making video reviews based off of their full reviews.

Now I know this concept of video reviews can be time consuming, especially with games, and I also know that this is asking to much, but just something to help get the idea across to people faster than reading the whole review would be nice. I know probably one of the reasons that Polygon don't do video reviews is because they want people to fully read the article, which is fine, like I said I don't mind reading full reviews. And they probably don't do video reviews because it's time consuming.

It's just some side of me that would love to see Polygon do some video reviews based on their full reviews (since Polygon has now become one of my top sources for video game news and discussion) just for convenience. I know when The Verge sometimes do their reviews, not saying they have a better setup than Polygon, they tend to publish video reviews with their full reviews which becomes, like I said, convenient for those who just want to get a quick opinion.

Maybe this is something they are currently going to work on, I don't know, but if someone from Polygon is reading this, think you can give an honest opinion on this subject? No need to be excessive about opinions, and no I am not trolling or being lazy.

Just would be convenient is all.

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