Polynauts Central: I Am Your Hero Now (Friday 8/10)

Fox is your Hero

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Today is Friday, November 9th and we're here at Polynauts Central on Polygon. What is Polynauts Central? Well, it's your place for off-topic discussion and brief update on the past day of events in the realm of Polygon -- Or your daily Polygon community thread!


1: Nintendo Land seven-minute demo video covers all the game's bases by Griffin McElroy

"All 12 of Nintendo Land's mini-games, each of which is modeled after a different Nintendo franchise and designed to show off the uses of the Wii U GamePad, were detailed in a recent Japanese demo video, seen above.

The video touches on each mini-game, including a few we haven't seen much in action, like the elusive Octopus Dance.Nintendo Land will launch alongside the Wii U on Nov. 18, and will be included in the console's $349.99 Deluxe bundle."

Fox is your Hero

2: "Angry Birds Star Wars Review: Great Shot Kid" by Chris Plante

Angry Birds Star Wars unites the most popular video game of this generation with the most popular film franchise ever. Such a high-profile combo may trigger a gag reflex in the throats of gamers and Jedi alike, and understandably so. Both have been thoroughly spurned by insipid tie-ins and cash grabs. But Rovio's latest flies to the tender core of such cynicism and blasts it to stardust, with a payload of creativity, playfulness and reverence for the beloved sci-fi classic.

Fox is your Hero

3: Borderlands 2 coming to Mac Nov. 20th by Tracy Lien

"One of this year's best-selling games, Borderlands 2, is coming to Mac on Nov. 20, Aspyr Media and 2K Games announced today

Developed by Gearbox Software, Borderlands 2 is a first-person shooter with role-playing elements that was released in September of this year. An iOS spin-off, Borderlands Legends, was released last month. Now Aspyr Media, a publisher of Mac games, is bringing the blockbuster to Mac computers."

Fox is your Hero

4: "Need for Speed film may co-star Dominic Cooper, Imogen Poots" by Alexa Ray Corriea

"Dominic Cooper, who played businessman Howard Stark in the Captain America movie, is in talks to star alongsideBreaking Bad's Aaron Paul in the 2014 Need for Speed movie from Dreamworks, reports Variety.

Cooper will play Dino, an ex-NASCAR driver who has made a business out of buying and remodeling supercars through his wealthy connections.

The story follows Paul's character, an underground race car driver who owns a black market garage that applies speed modifications to expensive cars. His best friend is murdered and he is framed for the crime, and upon release from jail he sets out seeking revenge

Fox is your Hero

5: "Canadian video game 'incubator' company aims to nurture indie developer start-ups" by Alexa Ray Corriea

Canada-based independent game "incubator" Execution Labs has raised $1.4 million to help cultivate the country's mobile games industry, the company announced today.

Execution aims to help indie game developers produce and market their games, fostering start-ups and moving them towards entrepreneurship. Located in Montreal, the company has begun accepting applications from new companies for several months of training under their guidance, with the ultimate goal of helping them launch their games".


1: Wii U Virtual Console - What do you want? by GiantBoyDetective

With the Wii U only two weeks away I find myself thinking about it more and more. I believe Nintendo mentioned that the Virtual Console will be in full swing from day one, probably featuring titles already available, but Nintendo could drop a few bomb shells. Here's a few things I'd love to see show up in the near future.

2: The Curious Case of Halo's Co-op Campaigning by Chilly

So my wife and I have been playing co-op through the campaign. We play a lot of co-op (thankfully, her skill more than makes up for my own incompetence), and so have experience with many various systems of co-op implementation. Last night, it struck me, as we had to load from a "Rally Point Bravo" instead of resuming progress from where we left off on Tuesday, that Halo's co-op system is absolutely archaic and that it is incomprehensible that 343i did not think it important to improve the old Bungie system.

3: Your Nostalgic Game by Shadowsigma

What's your most nostalgic game.

The one that brings back the most memories of your youth, the one game you love even if it might be horrible by today's standards. That game which you can play a million times and never get sick of it because it makes you feel like a kid again. That game that just makes you feel just all around gooey inside?

4: Wreck-It Ralph: A video game movie that understands video games by BreadKnight

(Minor Spoilers)

Took long enough right? As gamers we've had to endure some pretty crappy movies, the ones we consider good still didn't even really understand anything about the games themselves. Game movies have often been about finding a game with a large fanbase and pumping out a shoddy film in the hopes of making a quick buck. Even more so video game movies just plain don't get made, every day you hear about some movie that's in development hell or stuck on hiatus.


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