30 Days of Gaming: Day 1 - Your first video game?

I'm pinching this from facebook, but frankly, I care little!

30 Days of Gaming is where you answer my questions, one by one, over the next 30 days. We may have discussed some of these before, but who knows, your answers may differ from last time!

Todays Question - Day 1
What was your first video game?



I remember playing this at school, because I was a swot and was always done early. We had these old BBC Acorn machines, and they had this loaded, as well as a crazy graphics drawing program, where I worked out how to draw a circle, and thus earned a gold star.

It played like Boulderdash, with digging, gems, and boulders falling, but was better, because it has a lizardman in it. Fairly hard if I remember rightly, and I don't think I ever got too far into it (because I was probably 6).

What about you guys? Throw your answers (and applicable images) in the comments, and stay tuned for Day 2 tomorrow!

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