30 Days of Gaming: Day 2 - Your Favourite Character?

30 Days of Gaming! Hear my questions! Seek the answers within you! Then tell me those answers!

Todays Question - Day 2

Who is your favourite character?

Captain Qwark


Captain Qwark. Macho, cowardly, foolish mainstay of the Ratchet and Clank games. He's shown up in every one, and makes me laugh every time. From galactic hero, to bad guy, and back out to galactic hero again. And who can resist those Iron... Hard... ABS!

But seriously now, he's goofy without being ridiculous, and funny without being overbearing. Every time Qwark shows up, I shut up and pay attention, because it's time for entertainment. He's even had a decent-ish character arc!

And now, the floor is yours. Who's your favourite character in gaming? Drop your answers, reasons or images down below, and lets argue about who's is best!

Yesterdays Question: What was your first video game?

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