30 Days of Gaming: Day 12 - What Game Should Be Played By EVERYONE?

30 Days of Gaming, on the 12th day of gaming, I shall give to thee, a question. It doesn't rhyme.

Todays Question - Day 12

What game should everyone play?



Seriously, this has been the easiest one to answer so far. Minecraft is a game about digging, building and surviving. Its kind of hard to categorise Minecraft, and every time I try to describe it, I fail. Penny Arcades Tycho summed it up best: "Minecraft is like giving someone the tools to make their OWN crack cocaine". It's emergent, it's expansive, and every game is unique. Minecraft proves that you don't need focus to have fun.

Your turn! Which game would you force everyone to play if you were president? Drop your answers, reasons or images down below, and lets argue about who's is best!

Yesterdays Question: Favourite Gaming System?

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