30 Days of Gaming: Day 16 - Best cutscenes?

30 Days of Gaming, in colour!

Todays Question - Day 16

What game has the best cutscenes?

Metal Gear Solid 3


I know I shouldn't just use MGS for every answer, but hot DAMN, it gave good cutscene. The crazy parachute jump at the start, every single boss fight, Ocelots gunplay, ball grabbing, the torture sequence, the motorbike chase, the final battle. I could go on, and on, and on. What sets this out from MGS2 and 4 for me is that none of the cutscenes felt too long. The story whipped along at a nice pace, and kept up the whole "spy movie" feeling throughout. Pure class.

Your turn! What mid game mini movie marvels make you happy? Drop your answers, reasons or images down below, and lets argue about who's is best!

Yesterdays Question: What are you currently playing?

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