Which games are you most worried about in 2013?

There are quite a few highly anticipated games being released in 2013. Many of these games; however, have caveats in their level of anticipation. Some have more questions than answers attached to their impending releases. Here's my list of games that I'm concerned about, or just need more information before I can make an accurate assessment of my level of anticipation.

Please feel free to leave comments as to which games you're most worried about and/or simply feel as if there isn't enough information out there to make an accurate judgment just yet.

1. Tomb Raider

There has been a considerable amount of controversy surrounding this game, from a "rape scene" that apparently wasn't, to a departure from the traditional tropes of the franchise. The amount of changes being brought to the game could be potentially fantastic, or disastrous. We have all seen reboots like this go either way. The Tomb Raider fan base isn't as vocal as it once was, but if this game departs too far from the original series there will not be an aura of good feelings surrounding its release. The game is certainly pretty, and so far what the developers are saying makes me excited, if not anxious.

2. Dead Space 3

There is a consensus that this game has almost entirely departed from its survival horror roots. That assertion is still somewhat up for debate. What is not up for debate; however, is the level of controversy surrounding some of the changes that Visceral Games have made. The addition of co-op has been contested from the outset, with die hard fans of the franchise concerned that this element will detract from the atmosphere and tone of the game. From what we've seen so far in preview events and gameplay trailers, DS3 definitely looks more like an action game than a traditional survival horror game. This may not be a bad thing. Dead Space 3 could very well solidify itself as a fantastic action game. This title is an interesting philosophical catalyst for discussion concerning the death of the survival horror genre. We'll see if the fears of DS3's fan base are realized, or if they are swayed by its new direction. My guess is that there will be a little bit of both.

3. Crysis 3

The original Crysis is widely regarded as one of the best first person shooters in the storied history of its genre. It allowed for a level of exploration and freedom that few FPS' have ever achieved. Crysis 2 was a disappointment to many fans of the series because it departed from some of these fascinating gameplay elements in favor of a more traditional FPS approach. Crysis 2 was by no means a bad game, it simply wasn't what people expected from a sequel to the original. Crysis 3 seems to aim to appease both sides of the spectrum, with an emphasis on both freedom and player agency, while still allowing fans of traditional FPS' to enjoy a more directed, linear experience. It seems that Crytek also plans to attempt to achieve the level of visual fidelity that the original Crysis championed. It will be interesting to see if Crytek achieves these ambitious goals, or if they simply muddy the waters even further by letting both ends of the spectrum down.

4. Watch Dogs

Some believe Watch Dogs will not make its 2013 release. That question may not be answered until E3 or later. This most likely depends on when the next-gen consoles are announced. This game was the biggest surprise of last year's E3 by a long way. it's trailer received universal acclaim and the hype train didn't slow down for a while after E3 was over. The gameplay trailer showed clinical precision in its revelation of certain key elements of the game, while still holding many cards close to its chest. There are still far more questions than answers. What is clear is that games journalists and players alike are chomping at the proverbial bit for any information about this game. Ubisoft has done a tremendous job of generating buzz about Watch Dogs, now they have to deliver a good game. That achievement is still far and away the most important of all predictable outcomes, but I'm hopeful that it delivers on its lofty goals and expectations.

5. Project Eternity

Acclaimed developer Obsidian has been known for creating some of the most unique, if not technically flawed games of our generation. Their latest game is almost certainly their most intriguing effort yet. Not only is the game itself obscured by a myriad of questions, but its birth is one of somewhat shaky ground as well. This game was one of Kickstarter's most heralded success stories, with the game garnering millions of dollars in crowd funding. Many people are still extremely wary of whether or not Kickstarter is a viable option for funding games, and whether or not the fans and backers of the game will hold a level of ownership that is previously unprecedented and potentially harmful to the game's success or lack thereof. What we have seen (which has been extremely limited) is exciting to say the least. Obsidian is promising a game with an incredible story, visual fidelity, and overall aesthetic that would please even the most cynical critic or fan. If anyone can deliver on some or all of their many promises, Obsidian can.

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