30 Days of Gaming: Day 25 - Games you plan on playing

30 Days of Gaming. Looking to the future, with laser eyes.

Todays Question - Day 25

What games have you not yet played, but plan on playing?

Mass Effect Trilogy


Mass Effect, a series I never got into for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I didn't much care for the design aesthetic, can't say why, just repelled me for some reason. Secondly, the original wasn't on PS3, the only current gen console I own, and I didn't want to play part 2 without playing part 1 (completionist, you all know what I mean). When they announced the trilogy, my intrigues were piqued. I redownloaded the demo for ME2, gave it a whirl, and realised, actually, yeah, this is something I could probably enjoy! I'll be grabbing this at some point soon in the New Year. i have more, but I'll save them for the comments.

Your turn! What's sitting in your to-do pile? (just saying, "My Steam List" doesn't count :P) Drop your answers, reasons or images down below, and lets argue about who's is best!

Yesterdays Question: Favourite classic game?

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