30 Days of Gaming: Day 26 - Best voice acting

30 Days of Gaming. Speaking words, words of truth and beauty.

Todays Question - Day 26

What game has the best voice acting?

Legacy of Kain series


Once more, back to Legacy of Kain. Of all the things the series gets right, voice acting is probably the most successful. The characters all take on a rather Shakesperian tone, speaking with grand tones, and tragic moans. Both principal characters are exceptionally voices, conveying all the anger, all the tragedy, and all the gravitas of their positions. Raziels opening blurb at the start of Soul Reaver 2 still gives me tingles when it gets to the "white hot fire" part. Even the supporting characters are well rounded, with the deep, wise Elder God, gravelly Melchiah, or proud Vorador.

Your turn! Whose vocals leave you craving an encore? Drop your answers, reasons or images down below, and lets argue about who's is best!

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