30 Days of Gaming: Day 29 - Unexpected Favourites?

30 Days of Gaming. The ultimate in penultimates.

Todays Question - Day 29

What game did you not expect to like, but end up loving?

Saints Row 2


This was one of those titles you rent, or borrow for a laugh. I'm not a fan of the whole "open world crime" schtick, games like GTA never grab me properly, and I usually get bored after a couple hours. Enter Saints Row 2. Within haf an hour, I'd bought my own copy on Amazon, and by the time it showed up I'd finished it. Saints Row 2 managed to channel a surprisingly decent story through a whole mess of silliness. I lost hours to the various minigames, and jacking (and crashing) jet-planes. Best moment? Turning a plane upside down, and going under a road bridge, sea flashing inches overhead. Fifty Man Points :D

Your turn! What games surprised you with how good they were? Drop your answers, reasons or images down below, and lets argue about who's is best!

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