If the NRA gave up their rifles, would you give up your violent video games?

In the wake of the Newtown shootings, the games industry and the firearms lobby have come to a difficult clash.

Taking the position that mass shootings and a culture of violence is directly attributable to video-games such as Bulletstorm, Grand Theft Auto and Mortal Kombat, America's NRA has assaulted the industry; leading to events such as one Newtown boy asking other kids to dump their violent games and another town essentially organising a witch-hunt against those games!

The games industry, willing to defend itself in anyway possible seems to have taken one of the more obvious counter-arguments against the NRA, being that its the civilian access to high-powered weaponry that is responsible for those acts of horror as such in Sandy Hook.


I'm not searching for a forum in which to appoint blame. However, both the NRA and gaming industry have occasioned the use of various studies which seek to blame each other; studies with various levels of credibility. But lets imagine a completely hypothetical scenario in which cumulative studies by the worlds top scientists came up with a result that both Rifles and Video-games were a proven cause for violence. If in this scenario, the NRA took a complete reverse on its current stance on weapons and agreed to voluntarily put down their guns, would gamers follow suit and put down their violent video-games?

As a UK citizen, I'll admit that its difficult for me to understand the cultural stigma that comes with Americas love of guns. As a gamer however, I don't think I would find it difficult to surrender my violent video-games, because I can accept that although I love my Battlefield's, Grand Theft Auto's and Counterstrike's, I don't necessarily need them.

So what about you? If an organisation like the NRA could voluntarily put down their rifles, could you voluntarily put down your violent video-games?

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