Most Memorable Room in a Dungeon?

Hey fellow Polynauts!

I've been monkeying around with the dungeon editor in Legend of Grimrock lately, after getting inspired by watching season 5 episode 8 of Adventure Time, "Mystery Dungeon".

Essentially, the characters in the episode wake up in a room without any knowledge of how they got there (similar to the beginning of each of the movies in the Cube horror series). The dungeon is made up of dozens of rooms and the group has to use their individual abilities to complete the challenges provided, whether it be snap decision making in a crisis, puzzle solving, or overcoming encounters with monsters. Their goal is to find a way to the center of the dungeon, where they'll be able to exit back to the surface.

So I took this idea and am trying to develop a five-floor dungeon made up of rooms which all randomly interconnect in three-dimensional space. Of course, this requires I make a lot of rooms, and that brings me to the purpose of this forum post!

I'd love to hear about any rooms you've experienced in games (or movies, books, tv, why not?) that really left an impression on you. Anything is fair game, even if it's not a traditional fantasy setting, as I'll do my best to adapt it all. I'm also taking this opportunity to teach myself Lua (it's been a while since I've had anything major to code and figured this would be a good exercise), so I ought to be able to do some pretty crazy stuff to challenge the players with.

Some examples of things I've been grabbing inspiration from already:

  • The firewall maze in Ocarina of Time's Fire Dungeon
  • "The Rats In The Walls", by H. P. Lovecraft
  • All of those scenes in nightmare sequences where characters are running for their life down an illuminated hallway as the darkness chases after them

Let me know what's been the most memorable for you, and maybe we can uncover a fun addition to the maze while we're at it :D

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