Polygon Attacklog: Wipe that backlog slate clean before the PS4/X1 launch

It's almost time. The next batch of the 8th generation consoles approach and arrive in mere weeks, and for many that means unplugging the older console to make way for the new. Hey, people have only so much room.

That also means an end to the seventh 'heaven-gen' of gaming as well, so why not take this last month to clear as many titles from your backlog as you can?

I'm not upgrading until 2014 however I am determined to finish Lost Odyssey in the next month, even though I just started a new save this evening.

Post your game here, and update us on how many of those games you've put off finishing that you manage to check off your to-do list.

*Thanks to Minty for the image - he has a lot of good games, though how many has he finished?

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