Playstation 4 vs Xbox One

I am stumped. For the first time since I have been a gamer, I cannot decide which console to start off the generation with. For the past two generations, I personally feel that the Xbox machines have been quite a bit better than the competition, with Xbox Live being a huge part of that. Now though, it seems that hardware differences are negligible, unlike the Xbox/PS2/GCN generation. Software seems to be similar with each one having a few neat features the other could easily add in the future (except Gaikai and that TV nonsense). Even fantastic online gaming, the trump card Microsoft had, is nearing the end of its reign. I am totally stuck on choosing.

This is part 'help me decide which console to get' and part 'general positives and negatives'. I want your guy's input. For this discussion, let's say that Microsoft's DRM fiasco doesn't matter (which it doesn't) because they never went through with it unlike Sony's arrogance with the PS3, and Nintendo's arrogance with the Wii U. Microsoft was bullied/humbled/whatever into removing the problem before it was a problem. Hurray. Let's also say that Sony's "dedication to the gamer" motto is a bunch of garbage as well (because it is). They are companies, they want our money, period.

Which console should you, I, or anyone buy? Both now and long term if there is a difference in your opinion. Use your preference in games, online services, price, controllers, etc. help you develop a case for both consoles. Also, let's assume your subscriptions to any platform have expired (my Gold just expired :/).

And for the sake of helping me decide (let's be honest, this is what this is about :D) some of my favorite games are as follows:

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

The Mass Effect games (as long as I don't think about the Mako)

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory


Metroid Prime

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

I gotta put Pokemon Blue in here

Burnout 3: Takedown (still the best arcade racing game)

Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic (the combat is a little antiquated these days)

Ninja Gaiden (understand why the first Xbox is my favorite console of all time?)

My wildcard and my favorite game of all time Ogre Battle 64

I guess I would say I'm a fan of stealth games, story based games, some light role playing and strategy, and (sigh) artsy games. I'd like to say I'm pretty well rounded, though I get bored of shooters and grindy JRPGs even though there are exceptions.

This may seem a little silly, because it is, but let's get some good discussion going. I, and I assume others, need your help!

(Sorry if anything is too harsh, I have some... strong opinions but a good heart :) also, I'm sleepy)

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