Polynaut's Trade/Barter thread


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Hello Stranger.....

This thread is for fellow Polynauts who want to trade/barter virtual items like Steam gifts, Steam keys, GOG keys, Desura keys, etc. The trade is not limited to games though, you can trade Steam trading cards, TF2 hats or Bundles (Humble Bundle, Indie Gala, Groupees, etc) too.

The Rule is simple:

1) You post what you want and what you have for trade here.

2) You can discuss what item(s) you want to trade here.

3) Since Polygon don't have PM system yet, the transaction will be conducted with Steam chat or email.

4) After the transaction was done, you need to declare it here.

5) In case of possible scam, report it here so we can ask mods to do some justice.

6) If you got scammed, don't blame us or mods. You know the risk. Trade/barter carefully.

7) No money transaction, just video games and video games related virtual items please.

8) In case of ghost(s) disturbing your establishment/housing, call 1-800-GBUSTERS.

Happy Trading!

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