Polynauts D&D (Week of 2013/10/19)


Image courtesy of spookyxelectric

What’s up Polynauts!? Tired of playing vidya? Need something that’s engaging and fun? Want to drink all the Mountain Dew and cast Magic Missile into the Darkness? Then maybe I can help.

This is Polygon D&D, where yourself and a bunch of other Polynauts can jump into a fantastic world of... umm... fantasy! I, Rhyz, am your dungeon master and guide to this world I have constructed. We will spend about an hour a week rolling digital dice to hit imaginary monsters to gain experience, gold, and glory!

Haven't had a chance to play? Feel free to jump in! Just let me know you want to play and we'll work out getting a character set up! We're playing in 4th edition at the moment and are all pretty new to the format (I'm more used to 3.5).

We're trying to run these on Friday's at 8:30 pm Central. If you miss a day, don't worry. I wont kill you (much).

Need to catch up with the story thus far? Take a look at last weeks episode here. If you haven't seen any of our escapades yet then feel free to catch the full catalog over at my YouTube.

UPDATE! Once again guys, I'm very sorry about the cancellation last Friday. Some issues occurred that need to be sorted out. They have since been resolved and all is moving well. I got nothing blocking me this Friday night so I hope to shoot for that time slot. If you guys have anything to add feel free! Game 4 is Live
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