Wife wants to play Hakuouki--PSP or 3DS?

Hey All,

My dear wife has shocked me by saying she would like to play Hakuouki. She's a fan of the anime & apparently it started out as a game.

Looking on Amazon, it appears that there are versions for Sony PSP and for 3DS. A PSP can be had for $99, while the 3DS is more like $160 (or so). I don't follow gaming very well, but I do know that the PSP is not Sony's latest handheld & so I'm wondering if it's worth ponying up the extra $ to get the 3DS since that is current-gen? My expectation is that she will not make (non-iOS) handheld gaming a part of her normal habits (though who knows?) and so use of the console could easily pass to me or to one of our kids (who are also pretty well captured by their iOS devices--only rarely touch their DSs).

Probably anything will be a waste of $, and I should just go the cheap route. Is there a reason not to?


PS--we are in North America, if that makes a difference.

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