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Hey there friends! How are all of you? Aww, why not good? Oh. Oh. Wow, that's really unfortunate. I'm sorry to hear that happened. Yeah, you're right, what can you do... Oh, me? I'm okay. Yep, nothing super new. Sheesh. I feel bad for you, buddy...

OH! There was this one thing I thought maybe you'd be interested in. I made a Google calendar to track video game release dates, console releases, announcements, conventions... You know, all the stuff we care about keeping track of. I started it up mainly so I could more easily budget around heavy release months (March comes to mind...), as well as just keeping a pulse on the industry and its machinations over the next year. Yeah, you'd totally think something like this already existed, right? I thought so too, but I couldn't find anything that was exhaustive, intelligently organized, and easily integratable with all the places I already look for information (like the lock screen on my phone, for example).

Anyway, I figured I'd leave you some info on how to check it out if it interests you. The easiest way is to just follow this link, which will open it up in your web browser.

But hey, if you already have a calendar app you can add this as a subscription, and it'll show up as an overlay on top of your existing calendar(s)! If you use something like Apple iCalendar, Microsoft Outlook, or just about anything else, you can get the ICS file from this URL:

Your computer should be smart enough to recognize that as a calendar and take care of adding it on its own. If it doesn't, I'd recommend asking Google for a little help.

If you're like me and use Google Calendar for stuff like this you can subscribe to it and then sync to any devices you access your calendar from (tablet, phone, other calendar programs) with three easy steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the down-arrow button next to "Other Calendars", then choose "Add by URL"


  3. Copy and paste the link to that ICS file into the box that shows up, then click "Add Calendar".

Once you've done that, use your calendar app of choice to select which Google Calendars you would like to sync, and the Gaming Dates calendar should show up on the list ready to be selected.

I know a lot of you don't live in the US like I do, so a good number of these release dates won't make a heck of a lot of sense. I'm real sorry about that, but if there's enough international interest in watching this calendar I don't see why we couldn't do something like "Gaming Dates - USA" and "Gaming Dates - Europe", as well as whichever other regions you'd like tracked (Australia? Japan? How many other places have their own release date schedule? I should probably Wiki that before I look dumb...)

Yep, that's about it. Just wanted to let you know about that, and check up on how things are in your corner of the world. Hoping for the best with all that headache you've got going on right now. Keep your chin up-- err... You know what I mean.


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