If You Could Change One Thing In Game History

I was thinking, if you had the power to change any thing in video game history, what would you change, and why would you make that change?

If it were me, I'd make gen 6 (ps2, GCN, Xbox) last a few more years, and have gen 7 have less powerful hardware.

Now why would I do that? Well you see, we now live in a world where games are crazy expensive to develop. Last gen if a game sold a million copies it was a major success, but now a million copies is considered a failure. It feels like most games are made to appeal to the masses, and big budget niche games are disappearing. My hope is that by extending out last gen, and using less powerful hardware for this gen, dame development costs would stay lower, and thus allow devs to take more risks. Hopefully leading to more variety in games.

So what would you do? I'm curious to see what you all say.

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