My first experience with DMC, and likely my last.

I have never played a DMC game until this one. I know many people don't like the character design change, but that is not why I am writing this.

I writing this because I should love the new DMC game but can't.

+ The artstyle is very similar to Alice:Madness Returns but on steroids.

+ Traversal of using the air jump in the game.

+ Swinging swords and shooting guns (darksiders).

+ Enemy and boss designs are incredible.

And a few cons:

- All combat tools are given to you almost immediately

- Traversal is needlessly complicated by using two different grapple hooks.

- Your original sword and guns are essentially obsolete after chapter 2.

- Learning curve is kinda steep if you haven't played a DMC before.

Giving you everything you need so early in a game made the combat in the following chapters much harder for me. Sure I know to use what type of weapon on a given type of enemy, but in the heat of battle with multiple waves of different types mixed together, it was overwhelming to think about which trigger to hold down, before I did an airlift move, and then which LB/RB I needed to use to swing between enemies, etc etc etc. DMC EXPECTS that you have played previous iterations, so they give you all the tools you need to have fun, IF you played an earlier game.

You have two grappling hooks, one for lifting you across things (and pulling your towards an enemy) and one for pulling objects towards you, (and pulling enemies as well). There is absolutely no reason to have two grappling hooks in a platforming/combat game. Why not just hook something, if its an object let the player pull it. When its an enemy, how about you grapple it and just move the control stick towards you, like you are actually pulling it. It's adding needless complexity to a game that didn't need an extra mechanic to work in the first place.

Many of the reviews and comments talk about how this game is easy so you should jack up the difficulty. I started playing on normal. When I got to world 3, the game started to unravel for me. It was honestly too much for me to take in at once to be able to build up the combo required for an SSS ranking. There were too many items and combos for me to process by the point I reached in the game.

I really wanted to love this game, but as a trudged a bit further through the gorgeous worlds and fought a relatively easy boss, then immediately fought a couple new enemy types that killed me a half dozen times, I started to get frustrated. I knew what I needed to do to beat them, and ended up winning on a complete fluke because a couple guys fell of the platform.

So there I was, finally triumphant over this new threat. Except I didn't feel triumphant, I was relieved that the combat section was complete. I started exploring the area for hidden items, which I love to do in any game. Then it hit me, I didn't want to stop looking for new secrets, I was enjoying exploring the world. However, I was dreading the next time I would have to actually fight anything other than a boss in the game because I suck ass at stringing combos together. I don't suck because a lack of ability, the game had not given me the time required to build up my skill to use combos effectively. Instead most combos I completed came from frustration and button mashing, also meaning that I would never input the correct sequence on purpose.

I think that the new DMC is a beautiful game with great controls (mechanics) but is completely bogged down by complexity that only offers the same depth that a simplified control scheme would have given.

I have been playing all types of games since 1989, but I just flat out have less patience than I used to. I am sure that I could practice at this game and get proficient, and most likely be very good at it, and maybe even enjoy pulling off really intricate combos. But that would require work, and I'm getting older damnit, I already have to work to buy a game, I shouldn't have to work to enjoy it.

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