The Icon's Gaming Flashback: Prince of Persia 2008

Welcome to the first edition of my Gaming Flashback. It is basically a series where I briefly talk about some of the most amazing moments in my gaming life. Some of these games may have been long forgotten by the world, but they are forever imprinted in my memory.



PS2 era gave birth to a lot of memorable action adventure games, one of the series of games was the legendary franchise, Prince of Persia. When we came to this gen and with another reboot looming ahead; with drastic changes planned like less combat and cellshaded color...I was skeptical. After playing the game, I fell in love with it: The visuals looked like a painting came to life and the heavy contrast that occurs when you usher life into the dead dark barren lands is striking, the cellshaded art was stroke of genius in my opinion and worked perfectly to convey this contrast.

Finally, the main reason why the game had won a special place in my heart is because of the Elika, the AI character that accompanied the nameless Prince. She was not only very capable when it came to helping out the Prince during combat, but she was also charming, beautiful, adorable one of my favorite moments were when these two of completely different backgrounds and ideologies, would converse and slowly, fall in love with each real people. To sum it up, Elika is easily one of the best AI companions I had the pleasure to play with, why? Because she didn't feel like one.

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