End of Current Gen Backlog Party


via Ben Heck puts all 3 consoles into a box.

Let's put all the fanboy BS aside, we all love games. I thoroughly enjoyed my 360 and wii this gen.

I love when next gen starts. I really enjoy technology porn, so I get to read about tons of specs and features of new hardware. I never buy a console at launch. In fact I don't usually buy one until about 2 years after it releases. This way I get it for cheaper, usually a better model than the original and there are already a bunch of games out for it, so I don't see very many gaps without a new game I could at least TRY.

The real reason I love next-gen is that whichever console I didn't buy, gets super cheap. I will be purchasing a ps3, probably around the time ps4 launches. I have played a handful of ps3 games but not a ton. I am looking forward too:

Little Big Planet.
Wipeout HD
The Last Of Us
Ni No Kuni
Tales of Xillia

Let's put all the fanboy BS aside, we all love games. I thoroughly enjoyed my 360 and wii this gen. A few recommendations from yours truly:

Skyward Sword
Donkey Kong Country Returns
World of Goo
Tatsuonoko vs Capcom
Mario Galaxy 2
Metroid Prime 3

Gears of War 2/3
Halo 4
Lost Odyssey
Fable 2
Trials HD
Left 4 Dead 2
Rapala Kinect ;)

What consoles do you guys plan on purchasing for next-gen? New consoles? Current ones?

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