Is an Interactive Rendered Experience Possible?

I actually don't know what to really call it. In some games like Bioshock series where the the story is really good, is it necessary to have so much combat? What about a game in the Bioshock universe without combat at all? I'm envisioning something like To the Moon combined with Dear Esther. See graphic below:






= New Medium?

I hesitate to call it an interactive movie because it would be more than that. There would be things to read and listen to in the rendered world. And you would have to choose whether you want read them or listen to them. You would make choices that affect the various outcomes, and the narrative wouldn't be limited to 2 hours or so because you can always save and come back to it.

Let's say you enjoy a story of a game, but not the combat. Sometimes the combat in a game can feel like filler in between parts of a good story. It would be for the people would enjoy watch a game being played but they themselves don't necessarily want to play it. Let's be honest, there are parts of games that tedious and downright boring, but are key to advancing.

I'd like to see "something" where the focus is on exploration. This would all be in First Person perspective or Third Person to add to the immersion factor. What you put into it is what you get out of it. For example, in Bioshock infinite, if you didn't explore enough you would miss out on some voxaphones. There could be puzzles like in To the Moon, to make it a game, but that's really not necessary. You could build relationships with NPCs based on dialog choices. Those choices would affect the world and how other NPCs treat you. I'd think the story telling would be similar to Bioshock Infinite or Half Life where there aren't any cutscenes, NPCs will just start talking, and events will just happen around you.

Would something like this be too boring?

I say no based on To the Moon and Dear Esther. I was very engrossed in both. The story in To the Moon drove me to "play" well in to the late night to find out what happens next. The mystery of Dear Esther kept me exploring. As long as the story and the world is intriguing or engaging enough, it won't be boring. Even in a game like Skyrim, just the exploration of the country was a big part of the fun.

Of course doing something different like this is a huge risk. But the fact that it doesn't require any videogame skills, it might attract a wider audience.

What I'm basically saying is, would something like To the Moon and The Walking Dead (Tell Tale Games) work in a FPS or TPS environment? Or would the Bioshock series work without shooting dudes in the face? Would it sell? Would there be a demand for it? What would it be called?

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