Lena Dunham vs Dragons Crown


via www.utne.com


via www.utne.com

I removed the images here as requested by the Polygon moderation team. They were way too racy. The image below, fine.


via gamesandjunk.com

I've noticed in the ongoing debate over the sexual exploitation of women in video games a recurring argument I find very annoying. Basically people are arguing that if you have a problem with the art in Dragons Crown, then you have a problem with nudity or the female form. Which is a little ridiculous since the art is hardly representative of the average female body.

There is nothing wrong with nudity or the human body. There is a problem with idealized female form that is used in 99.9% of video game design. When the love interests and objects of sexual desire are always slim and buxom you are putting out the idea that this is what is valued in video game culture.

There are no representations of women with Lena Dunhams body type in video games, which if you look around you in the world is shared by a large portion of women. We are saying with our video game culture that girls with average body types should not exist or at the very least hide their bodies from view.

I love the idea that a young girl feels better about her body because she sees how comfortable Lena Dunham is with hers. I would like games to have the same positive influence.

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