Generation Wars Week 4: PS2 vs. Nintendo GameCube vs. Sega Dreamcast vs Xbox (The Best Ever?)

Will Nintendo keep the streak alive after 3 weeks of victory?

The series of battles to determine which console had the best of everything over each successive generation rolls onwards. Here's how it'll work. You make your case for which was better based upon the following:




Services (when applicable)

Don't go off-topic either, we're talking about the above consoles only - not the Wii U, and not the Intellivision either. Next Monday will see the the next round of this contest which pits PlayStation 3 vs. the Xbox 360 vs. Nintendo's Wii so you can prepare for that brawl next week.

So, let's go to war Polynauts:

Who was the best? The PlayStation 2, the Nintendo GameCube, the Sega Dreamcast, or the Xbox?


Week 1: Generation Wars: NES Vs. Master System

Week 2:Generation Wars: SNES Vs. Genesis Vs. Neo Geo Vs. Turbografix-16

Week 3: PSOne vs. Nintendo 64 vs. Sega Saturn vs 3DO

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