Let's Talk About: Your Favorite Video Game Soundtrack?

So... a recurring aspect of video games that can sometimes help determine why a game is as good as it actually is, is the Soundtrack. It's this that has allowed for some games to stay relevant, even when they've occasionally gone into complete obscurity. Other times, there's always that one tune that gets so popular, it allows for that game to be known simply because of it.

This topic is simple: let us know what your favorite game soundtracks are. But, let's make it interesting, you need to explain why you love it. Why you chose that particular soundtrack over any others. Is it the way it works for the setting? Is there something about the music that just sounds so right? Does it let you know certain events are about to transpire? Let it be known!

Let's keep it at about 5 OST (Original Soundtrack) max, short and sweet.

With that out of the way, I'll start things off...


1. BlazBlue

If there's one aspect of this series that I love, besides the complex and engrossing story, it's the soundtrack. Every track suits the character it is designed for, and the nice blend of "rock opera" and certain mixed instruments gives each character their own distinctive personality. In the latest game, Chronophantasma, every character theme has been remixed to suit their change in personality, or to reinforce exactly who they are. I'm not usually a guy who plays fighters, but the soundtrack for this series managed to sell me anyways.


2. Metroid Prime

This was my second ever Metroid game that I'd ever played at the time. The first one was Metroid Fusion, but this was the first I'd played on a home console. Retro did an amazing job with this soundtrack; you really feel like you're in this exotic planet exploring it for the first time in... years. The battle themes are made to feel urgent and unsettling, and the tracks for the environments also change slightly the further you progress. Out of all the Metroid games I've ever played (pretty much all with the exception of 2 and Pinball), Prime is the one that I keep coming back to.


3. Pokemon Black and White

Now, this isn't really surprising, as I'm sure many of you know I'm a major Pokemon fan. And while I do love the soundtrack for Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal, and especially that of the remakes, Black and White has it's own flair that really gives it it's own distinct tone. Unova is completely set apart from the first four generation, and the general sound of many of tracks sets to tell you this. The fact that this is the first major story heavy game in the main series is also made apparent quickly as well, with the opening "N's coronation", and stuff like, "Emotion". Of the Pokemon soundtracks I can keep going back to, Black and White is one of the ones that always has at least a few tracks that just sound so damn good. And did I mention that most of the end-games tunes are some of the best in the series? No? Well they are.


4. Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Now, I've also played many Sonic games, and I was tempted to put Sonic Rush here, or even Sonic Colors. Heck any of the good ones could have made it. But Sonic the Hedgehog 2 has some of the most memorable tunes in the series. Yeah, you could say Sonic the Hedgehog 3 has the better ones... but that's mostly because of Ice Cap and Flying Battery. EVERY THEME in Sonic 2 is good. The obvious best one is Chemical Plant, but every theme was catchy, bouncy and just fit the place well. I mean, damn, we got a remix for Casino Night in Generations, and it's one of the best jazzy tunes there is. It's one of the few Sonic games where I can easily listen to just about any of the level themes and love them.


5. World of Goo

Have I ever mentioned how much I love this game? No? Well, I do. And part of it is because of the soundtrack. Seriously, some of these small indie games have such a good soundtrack, it's crazy. WoG has some of the best, fitting, somewhat disturbing and at times dark themes I've ever gotten to experience (and considering the games I usually play, that definitely says something). The names of the tracks are pretty humorous too.

So, what are yours?


Okay, if you managed to single out your 5 games, here comes something even trickier... choose 1 track from the OSTs you mentioned that you feel shows exactly what you're trying to say about the soundtrack itself. If you can't, no worries. Totally optional. I will though, just to show you how it would work...

BlazBlue Chronophantasma - Taokaka Theme (Catus Carnival II)

Out of all the themes CP remixed... this one took me by complete surprise. Now it sounds like something from the recent Sonic games... yet it still has the fun tone the character usual portrays. Now, with 40% more violin! And seriously... a fighting game character theme featuring a violin solo? Accompanied with a drum beat?! Welcome to BlazBlue's ability to mix instruments you never thought would work so well.

(Oh, and if you simply can't just do one, you can do this too...)

Honourable mentions: Awakening the Chaos, Sword of Doom 2, Childish Killer 2

Metroid Prime Music- Phendrana Drifts

Seriously, It's nearly a crime to mention Metroid Prime in best video game music, but not mention this track. After getting out of what basically amounts to the planets underbelly, trekking through some roasting hot, magma filled caverns, you exit into this place: Phendrana Drifts. Combine the calm, snow/ice covered landscape with this theme, and damn, it's something else. Like Sonic 3's Ice Cap, this theme is an obvious mentions when thinking about this game.

Honourable mentions: End Credits, Tallon Overworld 2

Pokémon Black and White OST - Disc 2: ENDING -To Each Future-

For the past 4 generations, the end credits tune was this usually peaceful, calm, and serene way to end your long journey trekking the region... then out of nowhere generation 5 comes along, spins this on it's head and end the game in what I consider to be THE most epic finale for this series. Considering you're essentially going from N's Farewell to this, it's the best way to sum up just how different this game is compared to it's predecessors. You don't just feel like you've helped someone, you feel like you've genuinely saved Unova, took down the plans of a complete monster, and yet... you're just beginning. But what's also epic, is that this is also the first time the credits scroll, and you eventually have a backdrop of the other version's legendary. Also, what other end credits theme in this series has it's very own name?

Honourable mentions: N Final Battle, Nimbasa City, Team Plasma Battle

Sonic 2 Music: Chemical Plant Zone

Ice Cap might be a popular Sonic theme choice, but nothing beats the very peppy Jazz tune this theme in particular emits. The best part? This is the 2nd major stage of the game. I dare you not to remember this tune after going through at breakneck speeds and trying to force the camera to catch up with you. Some may remember the level for different reasons, but damn if this tune isn't reminiscent of the late 80s and early 90s.

Honourable mentions: Mystic Cave Zone, Casino Night Zone

World Of Goo Soundtrack Song 6 - Regurgitation Pumping Station

Yep, really weird name. But damn if this doesn't feel hectic in some way. Considering what you're trying to do, it does fit. It's just a bit odd, but that's all part of the game. And it does kind of feel epic in it's own way.

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