A Late 1 year Celebration for the Polynauts [the immigrants from Kotaku]


"Huh, I can't believe it's been a year since I've made the jump from Kotaku to Polygon..."


"Well, Polygon on the Verge, but you get the idea. The point of this is to sort of retell the tale of the events that led to a bunch of us jumping ship to here. As I'm sure some of you are relatively new here, there's a good dozen or so of us that were once part of a different website altogether."


"As I'm sure a bunch of you are aware, Brian Crescente, and Michael McWhertor were originally the creators of Kotaku. I distinctly remember being there when they announced they were leaving to create a new site... little did I ever realize, I would eventually be following. A lot of us, would be eventually following. them."


"I can't exactly fault Kotaku entirely; they were gradually shooting themselves in the foot. From redesign, to redesign, to changes in the comments that weren't particularly helpful, to changes in the way the editorials ran... it just got a bit too much for some of us."


"And then one day, roughly a year ago (back in June, actually), they hit the switch, and everything CHANGED! First it was the commenting system, which was atrocious... as if it wasn't already bad, and then they got rid of the stars... wait, what stars? What's that got to do with anything?"


"The star system was sort of Kotaku's self-moderation (kind of like the flagging system here... kind of), in which only the starred comments could approve new comments, or promote others, and generally keep the trolling at bay. But this has some repercussions, as not everyone was using their powers well... as it usually is. Some were abusing them on purpose, others were 'showing off', that sort of thing."

"So anyways, without any stars, ANYONE could post ANYTHING regarding well... everything without fear of repercussions. IT. WAS. A. MESS. Or at least, it seemed like one. I didn't last long."


"So around late June, many of us decided to get a head start and either start looking for other sites to join, or to simply start their own (TakuChat, for instance). I eventually went to check out a bunch of these places... but none of them really held the same feel as Kotaku's community... at least, not initially. Then I somehow found out about Polygon... I forget how honestly, and decided, 'what the heck, what have I got lose?'. As you can guess, the rest is history."


"Okay, so there was this major thread sort of welcoming all the Kotakuites to Polygon. Started by Mintrycrys, it was sort of this rallying of all the major Kotaku members to say, 'welcome to our new home'. And we were welcomed with open arms. This was truly a different sort of homecoming. And all the cool little features that we never had on Kotaku, were available for our use."


"And let me tell ya, being a Pokemon fan on Kotaku was abyssmal. The gen 1 fanboyism was absurd there, and your opinions about the newer ones were met with ridicul and such. Here? Were pretty open about it, and most people are going to criticise me about my preferences. I have managed to avoid this sort of 'stress' very nicely over here. And also, I am grateful towards Polygon's non-biased opinions regarding the series. It is an immense breath of fresh air, as a 'newer generation' Pokemon fan."

So yeah, that's pretty much it. Here's an older topic that I managed to dig up...

Welcoming the Kotaku Regulars to Polygon

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