The Great Pokemon Avatar Takeover!!!



What's up Polynauts!

As most of you are aware, we are about to be graced with another Pokemon release. This one may be the biggest release yet as we move from 2D/2.5D to full 3D, a new region to explore, and even more Pokemon to collect! As such I got an idea to celebrate this awesome occasion that we should have a massive community wide Pokemon avatar theme. I meant to get this up last week but was extremely busy so sorry for the last minute announcement.

So how will this work and what are the rules? First of all, no two people should have the same Pokemon. This will be possible as there are 649 Pokemon to choose from! Plus, whatever Pokemon have already been announced for X & Y are free game as well. Also evolution tress are also open. This means if someone picks Pikachu, Raichu is still free for the taking. That probably went without saying but I just want to be as specific as possible. This forum post not only acts as a banner to get this event out to the community but it also will be used to claim your Pokemon. Simply post which Pokemon you would like to claim below and it's yours for the keeping for the next month! Next, everyone who wants to participate can make the switch at the same time. On September 12th, exactly one month out from Pokemon X & Y's release date, we will all change our avatars to the Pokemon we claimed in this post. I understand people may not see this post before the 12th or will want to jump in after the change has started and that's fine too! Our own Poly Mod Shaun will be out of the country this week and won't join in until he gets back. This post will be used as a reference to what Pokemon have been taken and who is available to take. Even if you join the community event later than the 12th PLEASE post your Pokemon in this forum so everyone will know it's been claimed. Now what if you already have a Pokemon as an avatar but wish to join in the fun as well? No problem, simply claim your avatar here and switch back to your Pokemon avatar on the 12th or keep it if you don't care to join in the massive switch with everyone, just please be sure to claim the Pokemon you want as quickly and as early as possible so you can continue to use your avatar for the event. Lastly, this event will run until the 13th of October. After that, feel free to switch your avatar back to whatever you would like. Duplicate Pokemon will also no longer be an issue once the event is done. If the hype train is still big enough after the release of X & Y, I may extend the event for another month but for now the event will end on the 13th of October. Please understand that if your Pokemon of choice is already taken, to try and find another one to use. This is only a month long event, so be aware of others choices and play nice. I want this to be an engagement piece, not a problem maker.

Who can participate? EVERYONE!!! I'm even calling out the Polygon Staff on this one! I understand they may need to keep their avatars so we can differentiate between community and staff but if you feel like participating please do! Editors, reviewers, developers for the website, etc. Everyone is welcome! The rules apply to everyone who participates, so staff please post your pick here if you would like to join in.

Lets make this an awesome event for the community. I hope to see a crazy amount of Pokemon avatars in the wild on Thursday! Lets show our Pokemon love Polygon! As always,




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