Analysis: Sleeping Dogs (Sept 18 - 22)

Moving right along, this is our second community run "analysis" forums for discussing a particular game. I have outlined a set of rules/guidelines for us to try to keep things organized and civil. See the link below. The key thing to remember is that the emphasis is not on review scores or personal opinion. We are looking at what makes a game good or bad and exchanging interesting thoughts along those lines.

Rules for Game Analysis

Your opinion of a game is perfectly valid; just as is everyone else's. We just aren't talking about that now.

I will try to highlight some "key comments" so that people jumping into the forum are not overwhelmed by reading all of the comments. If you see a point that you want to discuss, click the link to the comment and join the fray. Please note that these are not the "most recommended", funniest, or most clever comments. These are where an interesting sub-discussion starts.

Key Comments:

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I will just highlight some observations of my own to try to get the ball rolling. I thought that Sleeping Dogs had a very coherent and tightly told narrative. The story reinforced its characters and vice versa. The things you could do, and could not do, for the most part matched up with what made sense for Wei. The dojo in particular was a great peek into his character.

That being said, I thought it devolved into something a bit more generic in its later half. This seems similar to what happened to Tomb Raider; the game became more of a generic shooter and lost some of its charm. That shooting became such a big part of a game that was reveling in the non-gun crime culture of Hong Kong is a shame. Have at 'er: let's hear what you think.

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