Revolurt's Eastern Game Report: 9/18 Edition - Brace Yourself, TGS is Coming

So yeah, it turns out that I still can't get my computer fixed, so I guess we will be having a simplified version instead again.

Super Robot Wars Z 3

-Famitsu revealed a new game called "The 3rd Z". Well, we all know what it is already, the mystery here is the platform, and the roster. My vote goes to Tekkaman Blade, Full Metal Panic, GaoGaiGar and G Gundam.


New Gravity Rush(?) sneak peek from Famitsu.

Phantasy Star Online 2

-Madoka crossover.


Monster Hunter Frontier G

- Announced for the Vita.


-is getting an anime movie by Gonzo, titled Bayonetta Bloody Fate. There is a trailer, look it up yourself because my phone.


Bravely Default 3(?)

-Well basically SE just registered the domain for "Bravely 2" and "Bravely 3".

Final Fantasy IV After Years

-Just got a 3D remake for iOS and Android.


Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme

-New character Fa Zheng


New Atelier Rorona

-Esty and Astrid are playable.



Attack on Titans

-it's confirmed that its an action game for the 3DS with 4 player co-op. there will also be a story mode where get to choose to play as Eren, Mikasa or Armin.

Same as before, any updates will be in the comment section.

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