My Girlfriend Wants To Start Playing Video Games! Recommendations? (besides Journey LOL)

I've read a few threads in the past that have addressed this topic but I want to be a bit more specific in this post. My girlfriend was watching me play Super Stardust HD on my PS3 and she asked if she could play. I taught her the basic controls and she got really into it! Twin stick shooters are a great start in my opinion because one doesn't need to understand much about the mechanics or controls. All they need is, "this is the stick that shoots stuff and this is the stick that moves you around" to get started.

My girlfriend isn't going to play Civilization V or Dota 2. She isn't the type of person (nor does she have the time) to invest fifty or more hours in one game. This is, of course, aside from the fact that these sort of games wouldn't be a good introduction to video games in general.

I've already had her play Journey and she loved it. She even teared up at the end (and then I told her I did the first time I played it, that was a nice experience).

I suppose my question is, based on what I've described here, what would you all recommend? Perspective from guys with girlfriends who play games casually or women who game would be preferred but I would love to have as many suggestions as possible.

Please remember that she still is getting used to using a controller. She's not ready for FPS' or anything of that nature. She loves good stories (she's a film freak like me). She loves art so something pretty or different would be nice as well.

Thanks for your time, Polynauts!

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