Rare archival footage of the arcade game industry in 1982, including footage of the unreleased game Ms. Gorf

Hey fellow Polynauts!

I work at a video archive in Chicago, and we've got a small collection of tapes shot in 1982 that deal with the arcade industry at the time. I just finished putting together a video about one of the most interesting stories we have, which deals with the game developer Jamie (FKA Jay) Fenton talking about the failure of her game Robby Roto (which is probably best known today for doing so poorly that it became one of the few old arcade games you can legally download for MAME).

Check out the full blog post about this video on our website.

She also shows off Ms. Gorf, which would've been a sequel to her best known game Gorf. It was never released and it's incredibly rare to see it in action! It was a dual stick shooter, and which let you shoot in 256 different directions, which was pretty rare at the time (for example, Robotron only gave you 8 directions).

It's also just a great look at the industry right before the great video game crash of 1983, and Fenton even gives some really good predictions about how video games would progress and grow. So I think it's definitely worth checking out if you're interested in video game history at all, and in particular the early days of the arcade!

Oh, and let me know what you think!

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