PAX East 2014: What's Happening At PAX East for you? Events. Prizes. Fun!

Hi Polynauts.

It’s Nicole here from your community team at Polygon. It’s nearly time for PAX East and we’re looking to make our community get-together even bigger than last year’s event, and even better than our meet up at PAX Prime.

Everything we have planned is going down on Sunday April 13 from 10:30am onwards. Read on for more details.


So, there's a couple of things happening at PAX East with the Polygon community. First of all the Polynauts are invited to come and meet each other face to face, to get to know the person on the other side of the Internet buffer a little more. It's a chance for you to put a face to the name and meet your friends. Make sure that you take photos, Vines or whatever else you feel will capture those moments. We'll want to see those :)

You'll also get to meet some of the Polygon staff who are attending the show. We can't give you specifics right now, as final confirmations are dependent on PAX scheduling but do swing by and say "Hi!" You never know who you might run into.


The primary goal here is to connect the Polynauts together in a friendly, safe and fun space. We're going to do the best we can to aid you in that. Two of the super-fun Polygon related things happening on Sunday morning at the 10:30am meet-up in the Queue and Food Court are the Trivia event where you can win prizes, and the general hangout session. You'll also be invited to participate in the Polygon Scavenger Hunt. Oh, you want details. Ok.


Remember last year at Prime the meet-up spawned an impromptu a Trivia quiz, and people won t-shirts and things? Well this year we're getting a little more serious, and somewhat more organised with much more trivia, and more prizes! Yup, trivia returns to the Polygon community meetup at PAX.

You've got the option of going it alone, or teaming with up to three other people to form a group of Besties. The questions will range from simple, to super tough so if you're a know-it-all then you'll be fine. If not, I recommend getting some friends :) We'll explain the rules before the quiz starts.


Yup, just like last year there's going to be a Scavenger Hunt once again - it's just going to be a little different this time. Instead of handing over your tag in exchange for a prize in 'easy mode,' we're going to set you a list of six activities of which you need to complete a minimum of three. Make sure you've got your cell phone, or camera handy because this is going to be f-u-n.

Step 1: Find a Polygon Community Scavenger Hunt tag hidden around the convention center, or find me (I'll tweet my location, and stop by some big panels to hand some out) and I'll give you one! If you don't know what I look like, that's me in the image below rocking my 2012 Polygon t-shirt.

Step 2: Complete at least three tasks with your Besties, or by yourself if you're a lone wolf!

Step 3: Submit them via email or Twitter (and be sure to include your Polygon username) to be considered in the post-PAX contest.

Don't forget that an easy way to complete one of the tasks, might just be to show up to the meet-up and take some special photos with your fellow Polynauts and Polygon staffers

There will be prizes for this event, and it'll be judged separately here on the Polygon forums later that week. You'll need to email, or tweet your submissions to the addresses provided no later than 23:59 Pacific time on Monday April 14.



If you've got access to any mobile device whether it's an Android, iOS, Windows Phone or even Blackberry device then we recommend that you download the Guidebook App in order to get a detailed PAX map to guide you through the expo floor. We'll be set up in the Queue and Food Court. That's on Level 0.


As is always the case here contests, and giveaways of products are not, and should never be considered, endorsements of the companies involved or their products as per the Polygon Ethics Statement.


You can't phone I'm afraid, but you can reach out by way of any of the following and we'll hear you! From there we can find a way to get you with the people you need to see :) Please note that Shaun won't be at PAX, but he is running support from his couch.

Shaun: Email | Twitter

Nicole: Email | Twitter

Polynauts: Twitter


We're holding a Polygon Community Hangout at PAX East on Sun 13 April at 10:30am. There's going to be a Trivia event if you want to turn up with your friends and try to win stuff. Follow the above Twitter feeds to keep up to date.

A huge thank you to the indie teams supporting this community meet up in oh so many ways, the Young Horses Team, BraceYourself Games, Disco Pixel, Vlambeer, Terrible Posture Games, and also to the Polygon staff and my colleagues on the community team for helping bringing it all together! Everyone rocks! Aaahhhhh!

Finally, we want you to make this a PAX to remember for yourselves. Remember to tell a friend where you'll be, stay safe at all times and most of all have a great time at PAX East, Polynauts.

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